12 V Refrigerators – Small | Mini Refrigerator – Stainless Refrigerator

Cooler Direct presents to you an ideal and Small Refrigerator capable of freezing anything! This 12V Refrigerator could be taken anywhere on your shoulders, all it needs is a mere 12V power supply! This science marvel has revolutionized the way of cooling and freezing things! With very little noise, you won't get disturbed by its functioning. You can even use this unique appliance with a household supply of 110 Volts with the help of a converter.

A must-have for traveling freaks, boaters, campers, naturist; this Mini 12V Refrigerator is equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying! And with a warranty of 1 year, you can use it 24*7! It is ideal for long term storage and could be used in remote areas. They are great for people on the move - all you need is a 12 Volt power supply.

Our 12 Volt Freezers are available in various styles for your personal needs. Made with efficiency and durability, our 12 Volt Freezers keep your drinks cooler for a longer period! It fits easily beside any machine. Available in colors like Blue, white and Black, you can use this Compact Stainless Refrigerator for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Unlike the 24 Volt Fridge, this 12 Volt Freezers' temperature will remain at a constant 4°C. Being thermoelectric, it is non-vibrating and creates less noise. These 12V Refrigerators are environment friendly as they don't emit dangerous CFC. Being energy efficient, these Mini Refrigerators are a must buy! These Refrigerator Freezers come with and without door handle option.

These 12 Volt Freezers consume minimum electricity and thus lower your electricity bils! With a temperature control, you can manually change the temperature according to your usability! Our 12 V Refrigerators gives you the option of quick Freeze shelves, removable basket, textured cabinet, textured door, etc. Our Mini Refrigerators have safety locks in the doors.

Interior lights behind the doors makes it easier for you to hav a quick bite of your favorite apple pie in the middle of the night! Being energy efficient, these Mini Refrigerators are a must buy! It is available for a competitive price, so don't forget to Order yours today !

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