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Autoclaves feature various configurations for removing air prior to pressurization and are used to sterilize medical equipment or supplies subjecting them to high pressure steam making them an essential piece of equipment in your day to day lab work. They vary in size as well as function depending on the application that it needs to be used for or the media to be sterilized. Found in many medical settings, labs or other places that need to ensure sterility of an object, most autoclaves deactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. They may also be used to cure composites with it's high heat and pressure ensuring that the best possible physical properties are repeatedly attainable. We offer a variety of self-contained, easy to use and energy saving autoclaves from the top manufacturers in the industry all at reasonable prices. Contact one of our professional and knowledgeable customer support representatives to request a quote or to answer any questions you may have in selecting the right autoclave for your specific requirement.