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Panasonic Biomedical Freezers MDF-436

Panasonic Biomedical Freezers MDF-436
Panasonic Biomedical Freezers MDF-436
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15.0 Cu. Ft.
49.8"W x 31.8"D x 35.6"H
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    Medical Freezers (to -35 C) - Biomedical Freezer - Panasonic MDF-436

    Introducing Biomedical Freezer, model MDF-436, manufactured by Panasonic. It offers outstanding reliability and performance for a wide variety of storage and research applications. This CFC free unit comprises of front-mounted display/control panel with new microprocessor located at convenient waist height, memory backup, temperature display, two access ports, four casters and two adjustable feet. A must have for freezer enthusiasts.

    Exterior Dimensions 49.8"W x 31.8"D x 35.6"H (1265 x 807 x 905 mm)
    Interior Dimensions 44.9"W x 21.7"D x 28.9"H (1140 x 550 x 735 mm)
    Capacity 15.0 Cu. Ft. (426 L)
    Cooling Performance -35 C
    Control Range -20 C to -35 C
    Access Port 17mm Diameter, right hand side and bottom left
    Cooling System Hermatic Rotary Compressor
    Refrigerant R-404A (HFC)
    Alarm System High/low temperature, Power failure, Remote Alarm Control
    Calibration Zero Adjustment Via Control Panel

    Biomedical Freezers - Panasonic MDF-436 Features:

    Biomedical Freezers

    Panasonic MDF Series biomedical freezers offer outstanding reliability and performance for a wide variety of storage and research applications.

    • In medical applications, they provide effective storage of life-saving fresh and frozen blood supplies and vaccines, as well as samples for diagnosis.
    • In the biotechnology installations, they provide effective storage of enzymes for genetic research, as well as culture media, reagents and samples for testing.
    • In the industrial field, they are ideal for aging and temperature tests on electronic components, precision devices, and compound resins.

    As a storage environment, with excellent safety features, easy operate ability, and a host of other features, these freezers offer unsurpassed reliability and functionality. If you are looking for precision temperature controlled storage equipment, look to Panasonic.

    Enhanced Operation

    • Front-mounted display/control panel (with new microprocessor) located at convenient waist height
    • Memory backup
    • Temperature display
    • Front access calibration for 7-day temperature recorder
    • The control panel, alarm system and non-volatile memory are the same for all three models in the series.
    • Single electrical box makes servicing simpler.
    • The chamber temperature is displayed for five seconds if buzzer key is depressed during power failure alarm.
    • After a power outage, operation resumes at pre-outage settings (non-volatile memory for temperature and alarm temperature settings)
    • Control panel can be reset to zero for validation
    • Two access ports (right-hand side and bottom left)
    • Four casters and two adjustable feet


    Panasonic has developed refrigerants that are nondestructive to the ozone layer. Panasonic is committed to CFC-free refrigerants by the year 2020 now!

    CPU and Touch Pad

    The computer control system designed for low-temperature application ensures accurate setting with touch-pad switches.

    LED Digital Display

    The strategically located LED digital display is easy to read. Specially linked to the CPU computer control for instant reaction.

    Quiet, Reliable Compressor

    Built by Panasonic specifically for demanding ultra-low temperature applications in a laboratory environment.

    Rechargeable Battery

    A rechargeable battery is built in as the backup battery for alarms.

    Air filter

    The air filter is specially located to give easy access for removal. The filter also is washable for economy and do-it-yourself maintenance.


    Mounted on wheeled casters to make moving easy.

    Energy Efficient

    The combination of efficient technology and construction brings the added benefit of considerable energy savings.

    Power Failure Alarm

    The backup battery sounds the alarm in the event of power failure, AC interruption or other abnormality.

    Remote Alarm

    An alarm is sounded at a remote location if a breakdown occurs.

    Automatic System

    Provides both an audible and visual temperature alarm when the temperature increases to more than 5 deg C to 15 deg C (adjustable) from the setpoint.


    Always priority with Panasonic is a proper service and maintenance program.