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Panasonic CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with SafeCell UV MCO-20AIC-PA

Panasonic CO2 Cell Culture Incubator w/ SafeCell UV MCO-20AIC
Panasonic CO2 Cell Culture Incubator w/ SafeCell UV MCO-20AIC
Mfg Number:
7.6 Cu. Ft.
30.3"W x 27.9"D X 35.4" H
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    Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator - CO2 Cell Culture Incubator w/ SafeCell UV - Panasonic MCO-20AIC

    CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with SafeCell UV comprises of integrated core technologies for maximum performance, active background contamination control, Panasonic inCu safe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum and polyurethane insulation barrier. Panasonic MCO-20AIC has direct heat air jacket surrounding chamber that allows uniform temperature distribution with no temperature gradients. The independent bottom heater adjustment allows relative decrease in RH level.

    CO2 Cell Culture Incubator w/ SafeCell UV - Panasonic MCO-20AIC
    Type Single Chambered
    Heating System
    Method Patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket
    Heating Elements 395 watts per chamber
    Temperature Control microprocessor controlled P.I.D.
    Digital Temperature Display resolution 0.1 deg C
    Temperature Range 5 deg C above ambient to +50 deg C
    Temperature Uniformity +- .25 deg C
    Co2 System
    Sensor ceramic-based infrared (I.R.)
    System Electronics microprocessor
    Range and Variation 0-20%, +- 0.15
    Setpoint and Resolution +- 0.1%
    Inlet Connect/Pressure 5 PSIG, 0.03MpaG
    Humidification System
    Method natural evaporation
    Relative Humidity 95+/-5% (ambient temp. 37C, CO2 5%)
    Water Level Sensor optical, low water level alarm
    Gross Interior Volume Per Chamber (Nominal) 7.6 cu.ft./215 liters
    Interior Dimensions 24.4"W x 20.6"F-B x 26.2"H
    Exterior Dimensions 30.3"W x 27.9"F-B x 35.4"H
    Shelf Dimensions 22.8"W x 17.7"F-B, .05" lip
    Shelf Capacity Per Chamber 15, 5 standard
    Contamination Control
    SafeCell UV System standard
    inCu saFe Interior standard
    Decontamination Method programmable UV sterilization of air and water pan
    UV Lamp 4 watt, 253.7 nanometer narrow bandwidth, ozone-free
    Microbiological Filters 0.3 microns, 99.97% efficient, on air and CO2 inputs
    Control, Alarm, Monitoring and Electrical
    Microprocessor Control Panasonic-built electronic components
    Control Position door-mounted, eye-level location on dual stacked configuration
    Alarm System overtemp, CO2 and temperature overtemp deviation, low water level, door ajar
    Remote Alarm Contacts 30V DC, 2 amps allowable
    Communications MCO-420MA data port available
    Electrical Service 115V, AC, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15
    Cabinet Construction
    Interior Surface inCu saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy for germicidal protection
    Exterior Cabinet polyester finished, baked-on zinc galvanized steel, reinforced for stacking
    Inner Door tempered glass with positive latch
    Outer Door left hand swing standard, reversible to right hand swing

    CO2 Cell Culture Incubator w/ SafeCell UV - Panasonic MCO-20AIC Features:

    Professional CO2 Cell Culture Incubator

    • Eliminates Chronic In Vitro Contamination Without Downtime
    • Passive Resistance To Mycoplasma
    • Integrated Core Technologies For Maximum Performance
    • Introducing Active Background Contamination Control
    • For Greater Productivity In Research and Clinical Applications

    General Features:

    • Panasonic inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
    • More usable space with HEPA filters located out of chamber
    • Polyurethane insulation barrier
    • Direct Heat (Air) air jacket surrounding chamber allows uniform temperature distribution with no temperature gradients
    • Independent bottom heater adjustment allows relative decrease in RH level
    • Door heater prevents condensation on glass inner door
    • Tempered glass inner door allows sample viewing

    Airborne Contamination Control

    Superior contamination control with an antibacterial copper-alloy-stainless interior that helps eliminate molds, spores and other contaminating spills, kills mycoplasma and provides a noncorrosive environment.

    External Micro HEPA filter

    • The in-line, "out of chamber" externally mounted micro HEPA filter is vital for removing airborne contamination and filtering CO2 on both IR and T.C. Sensor incubators.
    • The external filter traps contamination away from samples.

    Anti-Contamination and Design Benefits

    • Circulation blower and CO2 injection cuts off when door is opened, keeping contaminated air from being drawn into chamber.
    • Full-rounded corners in the interior are constructed of electro-polished copper-alloy stainless steel. Copper-alloy stainless plenums, shelves and brackets extend contamination control to the interior.
    • An inert gas tube is used to supply and sample the CO2.

    Direct Heat, Air (DHA) Jacket

    The Panasonic Direct Heat, Air Jacket delivers superior uniformity, quick temperature recovery and accurate temperature control.

    • The incubator has 3 heat sources outside the chamber: sides, door and bottom heaters.
    • Unlike traditional water jacket units, the sealed air jacket and foam insulation maintain a uniform temperature and quick temperature recovery after door opening.

    CO2 Control

    • Stable and uniform CO2 control along with quick CO2 recovery.
    • TC thermal conductivity CO2 sensor
    • Microprocessor automatically "zeros," maintaining accurate CO2 control without drift.

    User-Friendly Advantages

    • Setpoint, actual and diagnostics readouts
    • Display input calibration control

    Reliability and Control

    • Units are lightweight and stackable
    • Auto setup allows unit to adjust to required parameters automatically by entering the temperature and CO2 setpoints.
    • Bottom heater can be adjusted independently from the side and door heaters to control humidity from about 93 percent to 98 percent RH.
    • Low CO2 consumption.
    • Fast startup - less than two hours.

    Cell Culture Protection Systems

    When the alarm sensor detects an, an alarm, flashing lamp, and indicator light are automatically activated.

    • Temperature - deviates approximately 1 deg C from set level, upper level heater off
    • Over Temperature - abnormal increase of temperature greater than overheat protection set point, all heaters off
    • CO2 level - deviates from the set level by more than 1 percent, upper limit CO2 valve off;
    • Door ajar - fan motor and CO2 off, over 1 minute all heaters off.

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