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Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers - Flammable Material Refrigerator Freezers - Lab Refrigerator Freezers - Medical Refrigerator Freezers

Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers meet standards required for maximum safety in areas where volatile chemicals or substances may be stored. Additional precautions are taken when building these units ensuring that none of the interior wiring or workings will cause a spark leading to an interior or exterior fire / explosion. They are available in a variety of temperature options below sub-zero with advanced technologies like cyclic defrost, capillary refrigerant control and polyurethane foam insulation providing a completely safe storing facility ideal for volatile, flammable or  explosive materials. Our top of the line selection of Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers are perfect for use within medical, laboratory, pharmacy or any other research setting in which hazardous chemicals and substances may be stored. These units are the best solution for volatile material storage and do not compromise overall security, making them much safer than standard household, commercial or medical refrigerator freezers.

Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers