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Chest Freezers

Chest Freezers - Compact Chest Freezers - Large Chest Freezers - Low Temp Chest Freezers

With our selection of compact, large, low temp, and stabilized low temp chest freezers, Cooler Store surely has the perfect freezer to fit your needs. Check individual categories and products for a wide selection of models, styles, designs, and options.

Compact Upright Freezers

Compact Upright Freezers

Our compact upright freezers are just the answer for storing ice cream, popsicles, ice, or whatever you need to keep frozen. Their size makes them perfectly suited to countertops, shelves, or whatever space you have in mind.

Drawer Freezers

Drawer Freezers

Drawer Freezers from Cooler Store are the perfect solution for space-saving cooling power for freestanding or built-in use. Every drawer is its own freezer compartment and all models are approved and suitable for personal or commercial use.

Full Size Upright Freezers

Full Size Upright Freezers - Full Size Upright Freezer

Our full size upright freezers are just perfect when you need a large capacity without taking up a large amount of floor space. Check out these models that come in indoor and outdoor, manual or frost-free versions.

Portable 12V Freezers / Coolers

12 Volt Coolers - 12V Freezers - 12V Cooler and Warmer

12V Coolers and 12 Volt Freezers are always available in various styles for your personal needs. Made with efficiency and durability, our 12 Volt Coolers can give you what you need for your drinks and food. Keep your drinks cooler for a longer period of time with the Thermoelectric 12 Volt Freezers.

Under Counter Upright Freezers

Under Counter Upright Freezers - Under Counter Freezers - Upright Counter Freezers

If you are looking to add freezer space to your kitchen, restaurant, office, or business and need a quality freezer for under a counter or bar, these upright under counter freezers are the perfect solution.