Scotsmal Ice Makers: You'll Value the difference

Why Scotsman?

Best warranty in the business!
  • 3 years parts and labor
  • 5 years parts and labor on Prodigy
    Evaporators and BH1100, BH1300, BH1600 Bins
  • 5 years parts on compressor
Patented eclipse technology
  • More reliable, smaller, quieter
scotsmans prodigy delivers best-in-class
operating performance!
  • Uses significantly less energy and water
  • AutoAlert indicator lights
  • WaterSense adaptive purge control
  • Optional Smart-Board with advanced diagnostics
  • Optional Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control
customer preferred nugget ice!
  • Lower operating cost = increased profits

An Ice Form To Meet Every Need!

diced cube - small & medium
Ideal for - Mixing drinks Carbonated Beverages ice Dispensing Ice Displays Banquet Services
  • Common, recognizable ice form
  • Small diced cube has favorable liquid displacement
  • Choose the size that best suits customers needs
nugget Ice
Ideal for - Carbonated Beverages Blended Cocktails Salad Bars Produce Displays Therapeutic Uses health Care
  • The original, chewable ice!
  • Versatile, cools drinks rapidly without foaming
  • Helps drinks stay cool longer
  • Health care facilities use in therapeutic and patient care
  • Randomly sized bits of ice are actually flaked in compacted form
  • Ice does not stick together - is free flowing at all times
gourmet cubes
Ideal for - Bar Use Upscale Restaurants Waitress Stations Banquet Service
  • Distinctively attractive and slow melting for use in mixed drinks and gourmet drinks
  • Size and slow melting hardness makes them ideal for banquet services when re-icing glasses of drinking water
  • Nonstick characteristic makes scooping from a bin easy
flake ice
Ideal for - Produce, Seafood, Meat Displays Blended Cocktails Salad Bars Therapeutic Uses - Health Care
  • Dry flakes cool more quickly than other forms of ice
  • Cooling power is combined with very low production costs
  • Molds to any shape for use in displays and salad bars
  • Health care facilities use in therapeutic and patient care

Guidelines to Sizing Ice Systems

Every operation is different and requires special considerations in sizing equipment. For new locations, use the guidelines below. You may want to add 10-20% for growth or add for unusual types of usage, i.e. icing down drink barrels, bagging ice for resale. For a replacement unit, be sure to ask if the existing unit met the operators needs, if not , add the amount of ice being purchased to the capacity of the existing unit to determine necessary production for the new unit.
food service
1.7 lb (0.8kg) per customer or 5.0 lb (2.3kg) per seat.

Cocktail Lounge
3 lb (1.4 kg) per customer

Salad Bar
Add 35 lb (15.9 kg) per cubic foot of display.
Multiply by 2 or 3 depending on estimated refills required.

Fast Food
0.9 lb (0.4kg) per customer or 7.4 lb per seat.
Use 2 oz.per 8-10 oz. drink; 4oz. per 12 to 16 oz. drink.
convenience stores / customer self-service
4 oz.per 12 oz. drink; 7 oz. per 20 oz. drink; 10 oz. per 32 oz. drink. Cold plate - add 50% more.

health care
7 lb (3.2 kg) per patient bed. Use 2 lb (0.9 kg) per employee.

3 lb (1.4 kg) per guest room. Plan on substantially more if guests are allowed to fill ice chests.


Enodis created the EnerLogic program to help operators maximize profits by identifying energy-efficient and resource-conserving food service equipment in our brand portfolio.

Only equipment meeting stringent third-party standards qualifies for the EnerLogic seal. Because different types of equipment have different standards, the Enerlogic program incorporates a combination of third-party standards, including:

Meeting or exceeding California Energy Commission rebate standards, or meeting criteria outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program, including products that:
  • Incorporate new energy-saving technology
  • Involve renewable energy
  • Demonstrate water efficiency and/or
  • Feature sustainable design and operations.
Scotsman offers a variety of air-cooled Prodigy Cube Ice Machine models that have earned the Energy Star. Commercial air-cooled cube ice machines that have earned the Energy Star are up to 15% more water and energy efficient than standard models.
Now protected with AquaArmor utilizing AgION, a silver-based anti-microbial compound that reduces the growth of bacteria, microorganisms, algae, mold and slime on ice machines surfaces. AgION is a trademark of AgION Technologies and is registered with the EPA.

Eclipse Ice Maker echnology by Scotsman


With innovative patented technology, Scotsman has produced an ice machine that is more reliable, smaller, and so quiet that the only way you'll know its running is by the ample supply of ice.Eclipse technology adds new dimensions to Scotsman's reliable, easy-to-use ice machines which features the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. Eclipse produces from 600 to 2,000 lbs. of contour cube ice in a small footprint.

    Eclipse Technology Provides Unparalled Performance
  • The compressor, condenser and even the receiver are located remotely, something other manufacturers said couldn't be done until Scotsman developed a patented design that does just that.
  • Noise and heat are moved outside, away from workers and customers, improving operations.
  • Recessed electronic eyes assure optimal ice level for peak periods without over-filling the bin or dispenser.
    Scotsman Innovation Simplifies Your Operation
  • Put your ice machine where ice i needed: at the drive through window, in the dinning room at a self-serve beverage station or at the back of the house on a bin.
  • The small footprint and the ability to fit snugly against a wall provide unique point-of-use flexibility.
  • In 22" or 30" widths makes these machines compatible with a variety of dispensers and bins.
    Scotsman Innovation Lowers Installation Costs
  • Instead of one large roof-top unit, Scotsman's unique two-piece modular construction eliminates the need and expense for a full-sized crane to put the equipment on the roof since the compressor unit and remote condenser can be placed seperately.
  • Pre-charged refrigerant lines make installation faster by eliminating the need to evacuate and purge with nitrogen.
  • Quick-connects eliminate time consuming braising and the risk of contaminating the refrigerant lines.

Eclipse Ice Makers Installation

Along with Eclipse technology's unobtrusive quietness comes complete adaptability. For enhanced flexibility, Eclipse's unique, 2-pirece compressor unit and remote condenser allows multiple installation configurations creating the most efficient and economical ice production systemanywhere. In addition to the standard single Eclipse installation and depending on the available equipment at the intended installation location:

  • Two 600, 800, or 1,000 lb. Eclipse icemakers and compressor units can be connected to a single, dual circuit remote condenser saving both roof space and cost.
  • Also, a single Eclipse ice machine and compressor unit can be connected to a properly sized universal rack or multi-path condenser system further reducing installation costs.
Scotsman Ice Makers Installation

Eclipse Ice Maker Specifications

Scotsman Eclipse Specifications

Eclipse Ice Maker Accessories

Scotsman Eclipse Accessories

Scotsman Ice Storage Bin Sizing Chart

Scotsman Ice Storage Bin Sizing Chart