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Autoclaves - Lab Autoclaves - Top Loading Autoclaves - Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclaves feature various configurations for removing air prior to pressurization and are used to sterilize medical equipment or supplies subjecting them to high pressure steam making them an essential piece of equipment in your day to day lab work. They vary in size as well as function depending on the application that it needs to be used for or the media to be sterilized. Found in many medical settings, labs or other places that need to ensure sterility of an object, most autoclaves deactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. They may also be used to cure composites with it's high heat and pressure ensuring that the best possible physical properties are repeatedly attainable. We offer a variety of self-contained, easy to use and energy saving autoclaves from the top manufacturers in the industry all at reasonable prices. Contact one of our professional and knowledgeable customer support representatives to request a quote or to answer any questions you may have in selecting the right autoclave for your specific requirement.

Blood Storage

Medical Blood Storage - Blood Storage Refrigerator - Blood Storage Freezers

The Blood Storage Refrigerators that we stock provides temperature uniformity for refrigerated blood. Designed to provide safe and efficient storage, they meet the strict requirements by various agencies. Many Blood Storage Refrigerators feature an audio visual alarm and a digital indicator to ensure safe operation. Perfect for hospitals, laboratories, and blood banks, they assure smooth operation. Available in different sizes and capacities, these blood storage freezers are cost effective as well.

Chromatography Refrigerators

Chromatography Refrigerators - Chromatography Equipment - Clinical, Scientific and Medical Refrigerators

Chromatography refrigerators for research in laboratories, and storage for clinics, hospitals, and research labs from the most trusted brands in the medical and scientific communities: Thermo Fisher Revco, Aegis, True, and more. Each Refrigerator is designed and built to meet the high quality demands that a research lab, hospital or clinic requires of a chromatography refrigerator.

Cryogenic Storage Systems

Medical Cryogenic Storage Systems - Storage Containers - Cryogenic Containers

Buy from our selection of Cryogenic Storage Systems that are designed to store cryovials. Our Cryogenic systems gives you option to store it in racks containing 25-cell or 100-cell boxes. The numbered system of racks allows easy location and quick taking out of samples. It has a limited opening that allows maintenance at low vapor temperatures of -185C and provides economical evaporation rates. There is a locking provision for the lid which supplies added security. These systems come complete with stainless steel racks and either polycarbonate or fiberboard boxes. Buy one now!

Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers

Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers - Flammable Material Refrigerator Freezers - Lab Refrigerator Freezers - Medical Refrigerator Freezers

Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers meet standards required for maximum safety in areas where volatile chemicals or substances may be stored. Additional precautions are taken when building these units ensuring that none of the interior wiring or workings will cause a spark leading to an interior or exterior fire / explosion. They are available in a variety of temperature options below sub-zero with advanced technologies like cyclic defrost, capillary refrigerant control and polyurethane foam insulation providing a completely safe storing facility ideal for volatile, flammable or explosive materials. Our top of the line selection of Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezers are perfect for use within medical, laboratory, pharmacy or any other research setting in which hazardous chemicals and substances may be stored. These units are the best solution for volatile material storage and do not compromise overall security, making them much safer than standard household, commercial or medical refrigerator freezers.

Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator

Laboratory Refrigerator - Pharmacy Refrigerators - Chromatography Refrigerators - Pass Thru Refrigerator - Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerators with Drawers - Standard Medical Refrigerators

Get environmental safe Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerators that has standard features with state of the art technology. Many Medical Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator Freezers and Built In Lab Refrigerators are made up of heavy duty stainless steel that have self closing doors, interior lighting, in-door gaskets and lock. So if you are looking for lab and pharmacy refrigerators, we offer you an efficient, space saving units that would match all your needs. We have Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerators with all the expected qualities. So why not go ahead and and enjoy the difference?

Lab Convection Ovens

Lab Convection Ovens - Large Capacity Convection Ovens - Convection Ovens

Lab Convection ovens are an invaluable part of your day to day lab work surpassing energy efficiency, increasing cost effectiveness and reducing your environmental impact. Optimally suited for everyday heating and drying applications, convection ovens may be used for the most basic purposes such as simple drying of glassware to the most complex and carefully controlled heating applications. These ovens also offer fast sample drying / heating, superior temperature uniformity and fast temperature recovery after opening the door, without compromising sensitive samples or tissues. In addition to these features, many of the ovens within our selection also include added safety and security such as routine checks upon startup providing optimum performance levels, over and undertemperature alarms ensuring the contents are kept at the correct temperatures and lockable doors that provide restricted sample access that prevents disruption, sample tampering and even accidental door opening. These units are constructed of durable, reliable materials that extend it's life and are available in a variety of different capacities or temperature ranges. Shop our large selection of convection ovens from the top manufacturers in medical appliances and laboratory equipment, all available at reasonable and affordable prices. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for a price / shipping quote or to answer any questions you may have in selecting the perfect convection oven to meet all of your heating and drying needs.

Lab Incubators

Lab Incubators - CO2 / O2 Incubator - Microbiological Incubators - Laboratory Incubation

Browse through our Lab Incubators section having Laboratory Incubation Equipment manufactured by well-known and trusted brands. Designed for a wide array of demanding and highly regulated applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical research and clinical laboratory, you will find here the incubators that are ideal for highly regulated or sensitive applications. These incubators can be enhanced with a selection of options and accessories to meet specific end user needs, offering the industry's most flexible investment option for current and future incubation needs.

Medical Freezers to -25 C

Medical Freezers (to -25°C) - Chest Medical Freezers - Medical Supplies - Medical Equipments

The Medical Freezers that we sell provides ideal freezing temperature for medical applications. Perfect for storing medicines and vaccines that require deep refrigeration, these medical freezers provide -25°C / -13°F. Most of the Chest Medical Freezers have an alarm system. These high performance medical freezers require low maintenance and are easy to use. We also have different types of chest medical freezers, medical equipments and supplies. These Medical Freezers are all set to help you in the best possible way. Go ahead and observe what difference it creates.

Medical Freezers to -30 C

Medical Freezers (to -30 C) - Biomedical Laboratory Freezers - Medical Upright -30 C Freezers

Browse here for some of the best Medical Freezers (to -30 C) from the well-trusted and reputed brands. You will find here the Biomedical Laboratory Freezers that offer the outstanding reliability and performance required in a wide variety of storage and research applications. These medical freezers are environment-friendly and features all the necessary safety measures. If you are looking for precision temperature controlled storage equipment, you will definitely find one here.

Medical Freezers to -40 C

Medical Low Temperature Freezer (to -40°C) - Medical Freezers - Laboratory & Pharmacy Freezers - Chest Medical Freezer - Upright Medical Low Temperature Freezer - Lab Freezer

Find elegantly designed Medical Freezers at our store that has a temperature range of -40°C / -40°F. These medical and laboratory freezers have a controlled temperature storage needs that are perfect for your clinical and pharmacy applications. These medical freezers are appropriate units for storing vaccines and medicines that require low temperature. Perfect for the most demanding environments as well, these lab freezers have set a highest standard and ensures great dependability.

Portable Medical Freezers

Medical Portable Freezers - Portable Medical Freezer - Biomedical Portable Freezer - Portable Freezers

If you want to buy a Medical Portable Freezers for your facility, please allow us to guide you through the variety of Portable Medical Freezers available on our store. We have portable freezers of varied capacities and designs to suit your needs. And, if you have any questions about any Medical Portable Freezer on our store, call us and our customer service representatives are ready to assist you. So start your search now.

Refrigerator / Freezer Combo

Medical Refrigerator / Freezer Combo - Refrigerator Freezer - Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

If you are shopping for Refrigerator /Freezer Combo, have a look at our store and find out the most energy efficient refrigerator combinations. To ensure best price, high performance, dependability, and smooth operation, we deal in quality products. To name few, we have bottom Refrigerator Freezer, chest Refrigerator Freezer, upright Refrigerator and Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. These refrigerator freezers have an energy saving design, adjustable glass shelves, beverage racks and dual cool temperature management system. Buy this Refrigerator/ Freezer combo home, and experience the difference!

Stability & Humidity Chambers

Medical Stability & Humidity Chambers - Humidity Chamber - Stability Chambers

Presenting an especially designed range of Stability & Humidity Chambers for all medical and pharmaceutical needs. These Stability & Humidity Chambers made to carry out sophisticated stability & shelf life tests on different types of drugs & drugs substance according to international guidelines. These chambers are mainly used for testing purposes like shelf life studies, stability tests for drugs & pharmaceutical Industries, conditioning of samples, etc. If you want to have one for, select now!

Ult Low Temp Freezers -140 C

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (to -140C) - Cryogenic Storage Systems - Cryogenic Freezers

Our selection of high-performance, low-maintenance chest style Ultra Low Temp Freezers -140 C improve cell viability through stable, long-term preservation that is ideal for critical cryogenic lab storage. These units are perfect for the long-term storage of biological materials while minimizing operational costs and the level of freezing damage to cells. Ultra Low Temp Freezers -140 C provide more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer and are ideally suited for cryogenic storage in laboratories or any other setting which requires the long-term storage of blood and other specimens. They are built by the top brands in the industry providing security and dependability you can count on.

Ult Low Temp Freezers -150 C

Revco Ult Low Temperature Freezers (to -150°C) - Cryogenic Storage Systems - Cryogenic Freezers

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -150 C are ideally suited for cryogenic storage in laboratories or any other setting which requires the long-term storage of blood and other specimens. They minimize the level of freezing damage improving cell viability while minimizing operational and energy costs. Built by the leading manufacturers in the industry, these high-performance, low maintenance chest style freezers provide hassle-free service at a lower cost without compromising it's performance while providing the security and dependability you require. Ultra Low Temp Freezers are available in different sizes and with a variety of different options, allowing you to have the perfect freezer to meet all of your freezing needs.

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -85 C

Medical Freezers - Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (to -85°C) - Laboratory & Pharmacy Freezers - Chest Medical Freezers - Upright Medical Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -85 C are designed to provide superior sample protection while maintaining the highest standards in performance and energy efficiency. Primarily for use within research or hospital laboratories and production facilities, our selection of high-performance, heavy duty medical freezers are ideal for the long-term preservation / storage of blood, specimens or supplies and may also be used for material testing. They feature all the necessary safety measures keeping samples secure and are available with a variety of different options providing the ability to maximize use of your equipment.

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -86 C

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers to -86 C - Medical, Laboratory & Pharmacy Freezers - Chest Medical Freezer - Upright Ultra low Temperature Freezers

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -86 C are designed for long-term preservation of blood and other biologicals while offering maximum storage in the smallest possible footprint. These high performance, heavy duty medical freezers maintain a constant ultra low temperature and are used by professionals in labs throughout the country for their high levels of temperature stability. Featuring high quality craftsmanship, these medical freezers are long-lasting and dependable providing hassle free performance at a lower energy and operating cost. All the necessary safety measures available keep samples safe while a variety of different options provide the ability to maximize use of your equipment. With our large selection of Ultra Low Temp Freezers -86 C, you're sure to find the perfect one to meet all of your biological freezing requirements.

Undercounter Medical

Medical Undercounter (Refrigerators & Freezers) - Undercounter Refrigerator - Sub Zero Refrigerator Freezer

Medical Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers provide consistent temperature for storing medical supplies. We stock Undercounter Refrigerators and Sub Zero Refrigerator Freezers that can store vaccines and medicines that require constant cooling. We carry an exclusive collection of Undercounter Medical Refrigerators that are perfect to be used in laboratories, pharmacies clinical labs and hospitals. Many Sub Zero Refrigerator Freezers are perfect to be used undercounter, and are stylish enough to match your decor. Buy the Undercounter Medical (Refrigerators & Freezers) today!

Medical Appliance Accessories

Medical Appliance Accessories - Medical Equipment - Medical Storage Systems - Medical Freezer Drawers

Offering you a wide collection of Medical Appliance Accessories and equipments for all you medical needs. This range of Medical Appliance Accessories includes Cryo-Gloves, Chest Freezer Rack and Upright Freezer Rack. Are made by renowned manufacturer of medical supplies i.e. So-Low. Available at affordable price, these Accessories are must for all medical professionals. Select your pick from our range.