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State-of-the-art Medical Freezers for all medical needs in Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmacies! Select from our extensive range of Medical Freezers which is advanced and affordable. With superior quality and designs, our range is useful for preserving life saving vaccines, serum, injectable, blood, sperm and other medical, pharmaceuticals and clinical preparations.

Our Medical Freezers are engineered as per latest technology to give you the desired results. Extremely easy to use and a must for medical concerns, these Medical Appliances have earned a goodwill of all their existing users for trouble free performance. The innovative temperature control facility and precise system design of our Medical Equipment makes the temperature control easier. The required temperature range differs for various medical preparations and that can be attained by our Medical Apparatus. No CFC emission makes these freezers extremely safe and reliable to use.

Available with customized capacity, controls and colors, our range of Medical Freezers includes all types of freezers like Laboratory Freezers, Clinical Freezers, Vaccine Freezers, Deep Freezers and Industrial Freezers, etc. These Freezers can attain Ultra Low Temperature approximately up to -86 degree C. Assorted from renowned manufacturers, these freezers are available in all designs and manufacturing. We have freezers with exterior powder coated CRC steel body, plasma snap freezing chambers, poly urethane insulation, and various other features like:

  • Different temperature range for different medical, hospital and clinical preparations.
  • CFC free environment friendly and safe designs.
  • Auto Switch On / Off and Auto / Preset temperature control options.
  • Microprocessor based alarm systems for any deviance in lower and / or higher temperature.
  • Available in all attractive colors and designs.
  • Portable and compact Medical Freezers for nursing and vaccination purposes.
  • Inbuilt drain system.
  • Interiors manufactured with 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Power efficient design.
  • Inbuilt temperature chart recorder.
  • Silent and noise-free operation.
  • Vibration Free.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Effective door locking system to prevent any unauthorized access to important preparations.

Assured Quality Medical Freezers

Delivery of quality Medical Freezers is our endeavor. From renowned Hospitals, Pathologies, Clinics and Pharmacies across the United States are using our high tech Medical Freezers. Certified for their quality from authentic experts and international quality assurance authorities, these Medical Freezers are manufactured as per the international guidelines. Our Medical Freezers are the best on all parameters like safety, durability and performance.

The importance of preserving medical preparation does not need any specific mention. It is as obvious as the importance of life. You can rest assured that our Medical Freezers will give you an efficient performance for a long long period. Order Today!


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