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We offer you an extensive selection of superior quality, and budget friendly small compact portable refrigerators on the market! These are silent mini bar using absorption technology. These Minibar Absorption Refrigerators carry a front mounted lock. They even have reversible door swing, which are ideal for offices, hotels, home bars and dorm use. Mini Bar Refrigerators are used for both commercial and domestic uses. So, order now for either Mini Bar Refrigerators, Minibar Absorption Refrigerator, Wine Refrigerators, Hotpoint Refrigerators or Kitchenaid Refrigerators from Cooler Direct. These Mini Bar Refrigerators are handy, and help preserving food for a stretchable period of time.

Uses of Mini Bar Refrigerators

These Hotpoint Refrigerators are most economical refrigerators that provide maximum satisfaction with efficient inner space, and elegant design despite the small interior capacity. These Mini Bar Refrigerators as the name suggest are generally small in sizes and are used for stocking small bottles of alcohol beverages, soft drinks, juices as well as cookies, candy, and other small snacks. The varying range of refrigerators at Cooler Direct that differ in style and appearance are Mini Bar Refrigerator - Summit – MB24L, Mini Bar Refrigerator - Summit – MB34L and Mini Bar Refrigerator - Summit – MB44L. The above two models of Mini Bar Refrigerators have reversible door swing at only 15 3/ 4 inches width. The later model has 16 inches width, and come with a non-refrigerator shelf and window with viewing option.

Mini Bar Refrigerators available at Coolers Direct are with a full line of upscale, featured compact refrigerators, beer dispensers, wine cellars, freezers and stainless steel apartment refrigerators, range hoods and gas ranges. These Mini Bar Refrigerators have an under counter three drawer stainless steel refrigerators and freezer, which are designed to assist living facilities that include lower ADA counters. Even these are UL approved for outdoor use. Here at Cooler Direct you can make your choicest range of selection that include stainless steel frame for custom panels that include stainless steel handle, or a wrapped door of stainless steel with a professional steel bar for towel handle. These kind of refrigerators are energy efficient, innovative, and present an uncompromising quality.

Online service of Cooler Direct

Our online service bring you across finest grade of stainless steel, double pane-tempered glass on glass doors and triple redundant electricity conservation on outdoor refrigerators. These Hotpoint Refrigerators, wine cellars, beer dispensers and freezers meet with commercial parameters. Each of our product are throughly designed to add beauty to your office or home.

Some features of Kitchenaid Refrigerators are as follows:-

  • These are elegant looking refrigerators.
  • Absolutely silent.
  • Lock.
  • Reversible door.
  • Non compressor.
  • Thin line.
  • Auto defrost.
  • The window with viewing option allow to show refrigerated stuff completely.
  • These Mini Bar Refrigerators suit your interior design.
  • These are modest and simple character product.
  • Hollow door are used as effective heat insulation.
  • These refrigerators are firm with air tight seals.
  • No Freon, so they are environmental friendly.
  • No mechanical transmission, so wear and tear causes no failures.
  • Long life span.
  • Minimal energy consumption.
  • Stable temperature controlling capacity that ranges from 0*C to 6*C, and continued economy in the use of electricity.
  • These Minibar Absorption Refrigerator are with excellent cooling capacity and environmental friendly usage.
  • These Wine Refrigerators have thick armor plate for box body and offer reliable support for firm structure.
  • These are accompanied with simple operation and user friendlier temperature controlling buttons and many more.

Hence, Cooler Direct is one of the finest retailer, distributer and Internet seller. All our products are warranted, and are available for instant shipment. So, contact us today for getting our finest range of refrigerator.

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