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Oasis B1RR Bottled to POU Conversion Kit 502096

Oasis B1RR Bottled to POU Conversion Kit 502096
Oasis B1RR Bottled to POU Conversion Kit 502096
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    This Oasis 502096 kit converts all Nautica Series bottle water (B1RR) models to the newer, more efficient point-of-use (POU1RR) models. Unlike bottle coolers, point of use coolers allow water to flow into the unit's reservoir until full, providing a continuous source of water without bottle storage or spilled water. The dual float system prevents overflowing and indicates if a float problem occurs.

    The kit includes float system and lid assembly, an inlet strainer, and a cabinet cover to fit round cooler units. The POU method of dispensing water from existing water lines eliminates the hassle of changing heavy bottles and the waste of throwing millions of them away every year.


    • For use with Nautica Series B1RRHS (Hot 'N Cold) and B1RRK (Cook 'N Cold) units.

    Color: White

    Oasis Bottle to POU Conversion Kit 502096 Features:

    • Converts bottled coolers to point-of-use units
    • For use with Oasis Nautica Series round coolers
    • Features dual float system with overflow protection
    • Includes float and lid assembly, inlet strainer, cabinet cover
    • Compatible with B1RR models:
      - B1RRHS (Hot 'N Cold)
      - B1RRK (Cook 'N Cold)