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Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC

Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
Mfg Number:
17.1 Cu. Ft.
35"W x 34.4"D x 78.3"H
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    Ultra Low Temp Freezers -86 C - PRO Series Space Saving -86 C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer - Panasonic MDF-U5486SC

    Panasonic conventionally insulated PRO Series ultra-low freezers provide energy savings while minimizing carbon footprint throughout the laboratory without compromising performance. The conventionally insulated series also maintains internal temperatures as low as -86 C. All models use Panasonic-designed compressors for ultra-low temperature applications. Manufactured with foam-in-place insulation to maximize interior temperature uniformity, they are ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories for long-term preservation and storage of stem cells, cord blood, T-cells, engineered tissue, organ/tissue, bone marrow, hybridomas, lymphocytes, cancer cells, clinical specimens, fibroblasts and other life science samples.

    PRO Series ULT Freezers

    Panasonic preservation systems employ advanced technology to insure a high precision temperature environment.

    • The newly developed refrigeration system and sound abatement feature minimizes intrusive operating noise.
    • The newly developed back cover combined with new aerodynamically designed and placed components in the refrigeration compartment provide superior air flow to drastically reduce the stress to the freezer and contributing to excellent durability.
    • Two independent and insulated inner doors ensure maximum interior chamber uniformity at all shelf levels.

    Enhanced Performance and Reliability

    Panasonic PRO Series upright freezers represent the industry's most advanced combination of cabinet design, electronics, refrigeration and critical components for enhanced security, better performance, product safety and cost effective operation at -86 C.

    Panasonic Refrigeration Delivers Uniform Temperature

    The Panasonic cascade refrigeration system uses Panasonic designed compressors for high-performance, reliability and peace of mind. Refrigeration components are carefully selected and matched for optimum operation under demanding laboratory environments.

    • Increased cooling capacity improves temperature recovery after door openings.
    • Quieter operation is achieved through condenser fan blade design, noise abatement insulation and anti-vibration mounts.
    • Voltage boost and surge protection devices permit dependable operation over wider power ranges and environmental conditions.
    Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC
    Exterior Dimensions 35"W x 34.4"D x 78.3"H (890 x 876 x 1990 mm)
    Inner dimensions 24.8"W x 23.6"D x 50.4"H (630 x 600 x 1280 mm)
    Effective Capacity 17.1 Cu. Ft. (487 L)
    Area Footprint (nominal) 8.37 sq. ft. (0.78 sq. mtr.)
    Temp. Range -50 deg C to -86 deg C
    Storage (2"/51 mm boxes) 320
    Storage (3"/76 mm boxes) 192
    Storage (2ml vials in boxes) 32000
    Electrical 208/230V, 60 Hz, Nema 6-15
    Net Weight (empty) 704 lbs. (320 kg)
    Standard Warranty 2 Year Parts & Labor, 3 Year Compressor Parts
    Refrigeration System, HFC Refrigerants, CoolSafe High Performance Compressors
    High stage 1.5 HP
    Low stage 1.5 HP
    Voltage booster, Built in standard
    Sound abatement standard
    Shelf Stainless steel, adjustable 3 shelves
    (23.9"w x 21"d) Max load: 110 lbs (50 kgs) / shelf
    Access Port 0.066" (17 mm) diameter, 2 locations (back / bottom left)
    Refrigerants HFC Refrigerants
    Alarm High / Low temp, Power failure, Filter check, Battery check
    Remote Alarm Contact N.O. and N.C., allowable contact capacity: DC30V, 2A
    Accessories 1 set keys, 1 scraper
    Optional Accessories
    Digital temp. recorder HAMSTERDT2
    Liquid CO2 Back up system CVK-UB2(1)
    Liquid N2 Back up system CVK-UBN2
    Chart Recorder MTR-C954
    Chart paper C7100386REV
    Replacement pen, red R252
    Replacement pen, blue R253
    Strip Chart Recorder MTR-85H
    Recorder Mounting Bracket MDF-S3085 (for MTR-85H)
    Inventory Rack Systems For racks, boxes and dividers, please see Storage Capacity Chart in the product brochure.

    Panasonic Conventionally Insulated Upright Freezer (-86 C) MDF-U5486SC Features:

    • Rechargeable Battery
    • CFC Free
    • Automatic Alarm System
    • CPU and Touch Pad
    • Energy Saver
    • Insulated Inner Doors
    • Service
    • Power Failure Alarm
    • Quiet, Reliable Compressor
    • Air Filter
    • Cascade Cooling System
    • LED Digital Display

    Designed by Panasonic specifically for rugged ultra-low temperature applications in a laboratory environment; CFC-free refrigerants only. Panasonic refrigeration system delivers uniform temperatures with increased cooling capacity. High performance refrigeration system with foam-in-place cabinet insulation maximizes interior temperature uniformity and protects against fluctuating ambient temperatures.

    Inner Doors That Improves Uniformity

    The center shelf forms the base of a convenient and flexible inventory system using conventional racks with boxes, microplates or other storage protocols. Adjustable stainless steel shelves create choices of interior compartments that can be arranged for long-term, low access biologicals or short-term, frequently accessed material.

    • Easy-In / Easy Out Panasonic Eagle inner door latches feature ergonomic design to seal firmly against the cabinet with one hand.
    • High strength, insulated inner doors help minimize change in interior temperatures during routine door openings.
    • Two inner doors are standard, creating two compartments that can be subdivided with interior shelves

    Energy Efficient Cascade Cooling System

    By apportioning the oil cooling function between specially designed Panasonic Cool Safe compressors, and by cooling the compressor oil to minimize compressor operating temperatures, the Panasonic ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration system is balanced to decrease component stress, increase system longevity and reliability, and improve temperature uniformity necessary for better cell viability regardless of where the specimen is stored within the chamber.

    Control, Alarm and Monitoring

    The Panasonic microcompressor control system is secure, easy to use and comprehensive. Control inputs are managed with convenient push-pad buttons on a unitized, sealed control overlay. The panel is conveniently located and is easy to view and set.

    Green Features

    Because modern laboratories are energy-intensive, Panasonic has developed a corporate-wide energy savings and environmental impact approach to new product development. The PRO Series freezers offer significant benefits through a balance of refrigeration power, cabinet construction and intelligent control over all functions.

    Panasonic is conscious of the need to protect our environment and conserve energy. As a corporate pioneer in life science laboratory equipment and appliances, and as a global source of solutions ranging from energy management to solar power and alternative energies, Panasonic remains committed to providing the best possible laboratory equipment for research and clinical needs.

    Eco Friendly Technology

    • Panasonic freezers are designed to support LEED certification associated with the U.S. Green Building Council recommendations.
    • Components are compliant with RoHS directives on the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment.
    • Noise reduction and operating cost efficiencies are integrated into the refrigeration system.
    • Heat output is limited to minimize the impact on facility HVAC demands.
    • A microprocessor controller oversees the refrigeration system to regulate cooling cycles, reducing energy consumption.
    • Panasonic Cool Safe compressor technology for lower compressor heat internally and externally lower HVAC loads.

    CFC Free Refrigerants

    Panasonic was the first ultra-low freezer manufacturer to employ non-HCFC R508 low-stage refrigerant, now recognized as today's industry standard and widely available. This non-proprietary refrigerant is available to refrigeration service professionals on the open market. The high stage refrigeration system is available to refrigeration professionals on the open market as well.

    RoHS Compliance

    In 2006, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation (EU Directive 2003/95/EU) became effective. RoHS relates to the restriction of hazardous substances and reductions in environmental pollution. Through RoHS legislation the EU and other participating countries are banning toxic substances in electrical equipment such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium 6+, PBB and PBDE. While compliance with this legislation has posed a significant challenge for Panasonic, all Panasonic ultra-low freezers and components are now 100% compliant to RoHS standards.

    Panasonic Pro Series Green Benefits

    With a capacity of up to 48,000 two-inch vials in fiberboard boxes, the energy-saving advantages of this efficient Panasonic system extend to lower per-unit storage costs regardless of the preferred inventory configuration.

    Electrical Standards

    All Panasonic products including ultra-low temperature freezers are tested and certified by an NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory) to assure compliance with US and International standards for electrical safety prescribed in 29 CFR 1910.7( c ).

    Noise Reduction

    Ultra-low freezers are often located within research and hospital laboratories or production facilities. Users prefer close proximity for easy access to valuable stored products.

    If operating noise from refrigeration compressors is excessive, and/or compounded by installation of multiple freezers in adjacent locations, the working environment is severely compromised.

    Panasonic has included advanced noise abatement in all contemporary ultra-low freezers and noise reduction levels are well below those of competitive freezers.

    Uniformity Performance

    The placement of evaporator surfaces within the cabinet walls achieve exceptional documented ultra-low temperature uniformity, thereby permitting investigators more freedom in placing valuable cell lines and biologicals within the interior cabinet, and assuring uniform cell viability when harvesting products from the ultra-low archive. Benefits of the Panasonic Cool Safe compressor design extend to evaporator tubing surrounding the interior chamber.

    Other Product Features:

    • The insulation used in Panasonic's PRO Series ultra-low temperature freezers is two layers of rigid, foamed-in-place polyurethane. This design prevents the insulation layers from distortion and cracking that might occur due to temperature differences inside and out.
    • The Panasonic ergonomic design features a high-security Easy-In/Easy-Out door latch designed for simplicity and safety. The outer door latch closes smoothly with a single-hand action over a cam action bearing. The outer door can be secured with an independent padlock provided by customer.
    • Universal keyed door lock provides additional level of security.
    • Panasonic microprocessor-based controller includes comprehensive setpoint, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions.
    • Remote alarm contacts can be connected to independent monitoring system.
    • Circular chart temperature recorder (optional) installs easily in preengineered mounting space.
    • Insulated inner doors help maintain interior temperature during routine openings. Two inner doors are standard.
    • Panasonic Eagle inner door latches provide single-hand access.
    • Front access to washable, electrostatic condenser filter for routine condenser air filter cleaning.
    • High impact recessed casters simplify installation.
    • Seismic restraints secure cabinet to building superstructure to meet local codes.
    • Panasonic designed compressors specifically designed for low temperature use offer maximum reliability.
    • Multiple access ports permit independent probes, instrumentation or liquid CO2 back-up system inject tubes.
    • Internal voltage and power management systems assure component protection and best operation efficiencies.
    • Vacuum release port.