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Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC

Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC
Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC
Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC
Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC
Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC
Mfg Number:
12 Cu. Ft.
Baked-on Enamel Finish
24.4"W x 27.9"D x 70.8"H
Door Swing:
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    Gas Controlled Incubators - CytoGROW GLP Series Cell Culture CO2 Incubator - Panasonic MCO-36AC

    Ideal for research and clinical microbiology, the Panasonic CytoGROW GLP CO2 incubator offers a high-performance solution for mainstream cell culture applications in the research and clinical environment where precise control and contamination resistance is critical.

    CytoGROW GLP Series is part of the Panasonic MCO incubator product group that share proven control, construction and functional performance attributes. This relational product line extends the most sophisticated Panasonic operating systems, offering more range of application and better continuity among users in the research and clinical community.

    The 6 cu.ft. (170 liter) CytoGROW GLP cabinet integrates Panasonic's proven package of control, heating, gas control and construction features essential to all incubators. This design approach fulfills a broad range of common applications. Additionally, the standard CytoGROW GLP cabinet can be enhanced with a selection of options and accessories to meet specific end user needs, offering the industry's most flexible investment option for current and future incubator needs.

      Ideal for Research and Clinical Microbiology
    • Biotech Research and Production
    • Hospitals and Clinics
    • Public Health
    • Medical Research
    • Quality Control
    Panasonic CytoGROW GLP CO2 Cell Culture Incubator MCO-36AC
    Type Double Chambered (Two Independent Units, Stacked)
    Capacity 12 Cu. Ft. / 340 L
    External Dimensions 24.4"W x 27.9"F-B x 70.8" H (620 x 710 x 1800 mm)
    Internal Dimensions 19.3"W x 20.6"F-B x 26.2"H (per chamber)
    (490 x 523 x 665 mm) (per chamber)
    Net Weight (nominal) 410 lbs. (186 kgs.)
    Standard Warranty 3 Year Parts & Labor
    Operating System
    SafeCell UV Optional
    CO2 Sensor Thermal Conductivity, Standard
    InCu saFe Copper-Enriched Stainless Steel Interior Standard
    Microprocessor Controller/Display, Door Mounted Standard, Centered
    Direct Heat and Air (DHA) Jacket Construction Standard
    Sterilization and Decontamination
    Interior UV Lamp, Programmable, Ozone Free 253.7 nm wave length, 4W, Optional
    Germicidal Protection Standard, Copper-enriched stainless steel interior
    Environmental Performance
    Temperature Control Range +5 C above ambient to 50 C (in a 5 C to 35 C ambient)
    Temperature Uniformity Deviation +/-0.25 C (in 25 C ambient, setting 37 C, 5% CO2, no load)
    CO2 Control Range 0 to 20%
    CO2 Uniformity Deviation +/-0.15% (in 25 C ambient, setting 37 C, 5% CO2, no load)
    Airflow Continuous via fan with inner door closed, gentle bottom-to-top airflow
    Interior Humidity 95% RH at 37 C through evaporation via DHA heating system,
    optional reflective / deflective optical low-water sensor
    Control and Interface
    Temperature and CO2 Control Setpoint resolution 0.1% and 0.1 C
    Display LED
    Communication Optional 4-20mA connection, MCO-420MA;
    Optional PC interface, MTR-480
    Cabinet Design and Construction
    Superstructure, Exterior Cabinet and Door Galvanized steel exterior, baked-on enamel finish
    Interior and Shelves 3 shelves, copper-enriched stainless steel (15 maximum)
    Inner Door Tempered glass
    Insulation Rigid foam polyurethane
    Outer Door Reversible
    Access Port Single, 1.18"/30 mm with silicone (non-VOC) stoppers (upper-left rear)
    Leveling Feet 4, adjustable
    Energy, Electrical and Utilities
    Maximum Power Consumption 310 W
    Maximum Heat Discharge 1116kJ/h
    Electrical Connection 115V,60Hz, 1 phase, NEMA 5-15P plug
    CO2 Gas Connection 4 to 6 mm barbed fitting
    CO2 Gas Input Pressure 5 psi from two-stage CO2 regulator
    CO2 Gas Cylinder Switchover System Optional, MCO-21GC, internal
    Optional Accessories
    SafeCell UV System Kit* MCO-18UVS3
    (Narrow-bandwidth 253.7nm lamp and assembly.
    Includes water level sensor and water pan cover.)
    Automatic CO2 Cylinder Switchover System* (per chamber) MCO-21GC
    CO2 Cylinder Regulator, CGA fitting 320 MCO-100L
    Roller Base MCO-18RB (For use in single or stacked installations.)
    InCu saFe Full Shelf and Brackets MCO-47ST (Includes two shelf brackets.)
    InCu saFe Half Tray MCO-25ST
    Communications Port* MCO-420MA (Located at rear of chamber)
    (Connector, cable and software not supplied.)
    *Factory installed; please specify when ordering.

    Panasonic CytoGROW GLP Series CO2 Incubator MCO-36AC Features:

    • LED Digital Display
    • Panasonic exclusive patented SafeCell UV system available as an option
    • InCu saFe copper-enriched polished antimicrobial stainless steel alloy interior
    • Patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket heating system and construction
    • Thermal conductivity CO2 sensor with micro-processor for CO2 recovery without overshoot
    • Outer door heater is integrated with the Direct Heat and Air Jacket controller to eliminate condensation on the glass inner door
    • Door-mounted microprocessor control panel, center-mounted for easy access and to permit door reversal when required
    • Adjustable leveling feet
    • Removable interior components; no tools required
    • Rounded, electropolished interior corners for easy cleaning

    Benefits Summary

    Integrated Microprocessor Control

    The CytoGROW GLP incubator is managed by an integrated microprocessor controller to simplify all incubator functions. Stable temperature and humidity conditions are achieved through a combination of performance systems supervised by the controller complete with alarm, calibration and diagnostic protocols. All incubator functions are managed by a fully integrated microprocessor controller which acquires and processes information from data entry, setpoints and alarm parameters. A range of setpoint, alarm and programmable inputs are established through the use of function keys. Standard parameters are factory-set for quick start-up, and all parameters can be changed as required. Most parameters can be exported to remote databases, off-site alarm or data capture systems through optional communications port for compliance monitoring. A remote alarm terminal at the rear of the cabinet can be connected to an external alarm system. Tactile feedback, touch pad data shift and entry keys simplify operation.

    Direct Heat and Air Jacket Heating System

    The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket surrounds the inner walls with a natural convection airflow that converts to radiant wall heat through thermal conduction to achieve accurate, uniform and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. The microprocessor controller directs proportional distribution of power to independent heating sources surrounding the chamber. Arranged in three zones, these sources include the side, top and rear walls, the chamber base and the outer door. Each zone is controlled by the microprocessor which manages continuous feedback from the incubator chamber sensors.

    InCu SaFe Interior Surfaces for Germicidal Protection

    The CytoGROW GLP incubators incorporate inCu saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior surfaces within a comprehensive design created to eliminate contamination sources and to mitigate the effect of airborne contaminants introduced through normal use. Selected to provide natural germicidal protection without rust or corrosion, inCu saFe expresses a natural germicidal attribute to inhibit the growth of molds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria. All interior components, including the air management plenum, shelf supports, humidity pan and blower wheel assembly remove easily for autoclaving; no tools required. When components are removed, all interior surfaces are exposed for conventional wipe down. Large rounded corners and electropolished surfaces are easy to clean.

    Ergonomic Cabinet Design

    With a reversible outer door, a single Panasonic incubator offers the industry's most flexible installation options available in either single or dual (stacked) cabinet configurations. The low profile cabinet with door mounted control panel permits easy access and display viewing. Cabinet knock-outs are pre-drilled and tapped to eliminate drilling and to simplify remounting of the field reversible door. The outer door heater cable is easily switched if a reverse opening is required. The outer door closes against a soft, easily cleaned magnetic gasket designed to eliminate ambient air shear across the glass inner door, minimizing condensation. The outer door includes a universal finger grip at each side. A door ajar alarm provides an audible and visual warning if the outer door is left open. Pass-through ports accommodate probes or instrumentation leads as required for specialized cell culture protocols. Each chamber includes a port positioned in the interior, upper-left rear wall, with dual silicone (non-VOC) stoppers inside and outside the cabinet for added protection.

    Integral Contamination Resistance

    CytoGROW GLP is designed to accommodate a variety of microbiological and cell culture protocols used in various laboratories. Because Active Background Contamination Control fights contamination while work is in process, risk of loss due to contaminated work is minimized. Exclusive Panasonic inCu saFe copper enriched stainless steel interior surfaces provide constant germicidal protection against cross contamination among specimens or contaminants introduced during routine door openings. Wide radius, sealed rounded interior corners and 100% removable interior components simplify cleaning and assure thorough manual decontamination when required. An optional, patented SafeCell UV system scrubs interior airflow and humidity pan water to destroy airborne contaminants.

    Active Background Contamination Control

    The CytoGROW GLP series can be ordered with the optional SafeCell UV contamination control system which offers significant benefits by minimizing interruptions for decontamination, by improving cell culture growth and expression under stable, repeatable conditions, and by minimizing the potential for product loss. SafeCell UV includes a programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, that sterilizes conditioned air and humidity reservoir water to prevent contamination without affecting cell cultures in vitro. InCu saFe interior surfaces provide natural germicidal resistance to contamination. SafeCell UV inhibits the growth of mycoplasma, bacteria, molds, spores, yeasts and fungi without costly HEPA filter air scrubbers which accumulate contaminants in the chamber air. The SafeCell UV system can be factory- or field-installed. High temperature decontamination systems, which can actually encourage in vitro growth of heat resistant thermophilic and hyperthermophilic microorganisms, are avoided.