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Panasonic Phone Dialer AD2000KIT

Panasonic Phone Dialer AD2000KIT
Panasonic Phone Dialer AD2000KIT
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6" x 4" x 1.5"
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    Panasonic's AD-2000 Kit includes Phone Dialer which allows for 4 input alarm channels to be connected to remote alarm contacts. The unit can dial up to 8 telephone, cell phone or pager numbers.

    Advanced Features
    Automatically redials unanswered or busy numbers. Ability to program the number of times messages will be repeated to each telephone.

    Two Way Voice Verification
    The 2-way voice verification feature allows the person called to listen in through the highly sensitive microphone or have a speakerphone.

    Universal Dial Tone (UDT)
    The Exclusive Universal Dial Tone feature makes the AD-2000 series suitable for use worldwide. It also adapts to the Voice Message Systems of AT&T as well as voice systems of other phone companies.

    Panasonic's AD-2000KIT has EEPROM memory and will retain programming in the case of power outage.

    Remote Turn Off
    Called party may turn off activated channel while leaving other channels armed.

    Line Seizure
    Built in Line Seizure. Also plugs into standard telephone jack.

    1. TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Up to 8 numbers may be stored in EEPROM for dialing voice phones, numeric pagers and / or voice pagers. Each may be up to 50 digits long including multiple PAUSE segments. A PAUSE is 2 seconds long and counts as 1 digit.
    2. FOUR INPUT CHANNELS (1-4): For dry contacts (N.O. or N.C.) (see note below) may be programmed for:
      A: Exit delay (0-199 seconds) - individually programmed.
      B: Entry delay (0-199 seconds) - individually programmed.
      C: NO or NC operation-individually programmed.
      D: Momentary, continuous or disabled-individually programmed.
      E: Each input channel may be programmed to dial any or all numbers.
      F: PBX (PABX)-Same for all channels.
      G: TONE / PULSE dialing - Same for all channels.
      H: ATTEMPTS: Programmable 1 to 9 (applies to all numbers). Numbers are dialed sequentially from 1 to 9 times regardless if attempts to connect are successful or not.
      A: No OGM.
      B: 1 OGM up to 51 seconds long.
      C: 2 equally long OGM segments (maximum 25.5 seconds/segment).
      D: ID segment plus equally split OGM1 and OGM2 periods.
      E: 3 equally long OGM segments (maximum 17 seconds.segment).
      F: ID segment plus equally split OGM1, OGM2, OGM3 periods.
      G: 4 equally long OGM segments (maximum 12.75 seconds/segment).
      H: ID segment plus equally split OGM1, OGM2, OGM3 and OGM4 periods.
      Note: Maximum duration of the ID segment under options (D), (F) and (H) is limited to 15 seconds, in which case the maximum length of each OGM is equally portioned so that the sum of OGMs and ID is 51 seconds. If less than 15 seconds is used for the ID, the available (maximum) time for OGM messages is automatically increased so that the sum of the OGMs and ID again is 51 seconds.
    4. MESSAGE ALERT: Programmable 1 to 3 times. Note: The entire message (e.g. ID followed by OGM1, OGM2, ...) is played only once in the TEST mode.
    5. EEPROM MEMORY: Voice messages, phone numbers and dialer status information remain stored even after total power failure.
    6. LCD NUMERIC DISPLAY: A 2-line by 16 character LCD panel is used to display program, test and status information.
    7. LISTEN-IN: The listen-in feature can be initiated by the called party (touch-tone only) anytime during the OGM playback cycle by simply pressing 1. This will start a minimum 60-second listening period that can be restarted by pressing 1 again, as many times as needed.
    8. TWO-WAY MODE: During the listen-in mode, the called party may initiate the two-way conversation mode for minimum 60 seconds by pressing digit 2. Anytime during the two-way mode, the 60-second period can be restarted by pressing 2 again, as many times as needed.
    9. REMOTE SHUT OFF: While in listen-in or two-way mode the called party may terminate the dialing process and deactivate the channel by pressing # twice within 1 second (touch-only). This activation effectively stops further dialing resulting from a continuously activated channel until it is fully restored, while leaving other channels active.
    10. LINE SEIZURE: Internal switching relay and terminals are provided to allow for line seizure hookup of incoming telephone line.
    11. AUX ALARM: An open collector transistor circuit allows for enternal devices like sirens, relays, etc. to be activated when any of the 4 channels are active. Current is limited to 500mA. Applied voltage must be less than 20VDC.
    12. TEST MODE: The unit provides a convenient way to verify phone numbers, dialing mode, OGMs and channel information, with or without hookup to an active phone line.
      Note: In TEST mode all system parameters will appear on the LCD and recorded messages will be played back through the internal speaker. In the operate mode the LCD screen is blanked out and voice messages will not be heard through the speaker.
    13. POWER REQUIREMENTS: Supply voltage: 115V Supplied with AC power adapter ( model # PB12P ) with 24 hour battery backup.
    14. HOOKUP: Standard ( RJ11 ) jacks on back for telephone line connection. Terminal blocks are provided for main power, auxiliary power, input channels and line seizure hookup.

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