Professional Freezer- Professional Kitchen Appliances, Stainless Steel Body

If you have experienced the joys of entertaining people, our Professional Freezers will help make the experience worthwhile. We at Cooler Direct bring to you a combination of style with substance with an extensive range of Professional Freezers to choose from. With attractive Stainless Steel designs, these Professional Freezers will add sophistication to any commercial space and their compact structure doesn't even require much of your floor space. These Professional Freezers come in convenient sizes ranging from 3 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet.

Spacious interiors and customized storage options in our Professional range of Freezers are an ideal choice for entertainers. Large bins in freezer drawers glide out smoothly, even if they're fully loaded. Humidity control prevents food from getting stale and preserves it longer. Temperature management systems ensure even distribution of air in the Freezer.

Some notable features:

  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Frost-free
  • Quick freeze properties
  • Humidity controls
  • Sturdy glass shelves
  • Transparent Dairy door
  • Internal lighting
  • Deep interiors

The Frost-free nature of our Professional Freezers prevents ice from building up and helps seal the taste and freshness of your food. It can go down to temperatures - 40 centigrade thus effectively preserving your frozen foods while minimizing odor.

Our Professional Freezers are energy efficient and do not consume unnecessary electricity. Our products are environment friendly and do not emit CFC and other harmful gases.

We ensure complete safety and reliability of all our products.

Tips for maintaining your Professional Freezer:

A few Dos and Don't s to keep in mind for yourProfessional Freezer to remain in good order and improve it's efficiency.

  • In Frost-free freezers, the drain pan should be cleaned from time to time
  • The set of coils and cooling fan under the Freezer need to be cleaned once a year
  • Use only refrigerator cleaners to clean the gasket or interior of the Freezer.
  • Baking soda is a good way to clear your Freezer of bad odor.
  • Don't place your Freezer next to a heat source as it will result in higher energy consumption.
  • Don't restock your Freezer immediately after cleaning it. Wait for 30 minutes before putting your food back so that it has resumed it's chill.

With routine maintenance, you will help avoid all sorts of Freezer problems.

Promise of quality

We have maintained consistent levels of performance through the years. We ensure the promise of quality, efficiency in all our products and services. All our products are aligned with international quality standards and are based on the parameters of safety, durability and performance. We ensure best after-sale services to all our consumers.

We have a large selection of Professional Freezers to choose from, to suit all your business needs. Order yours today!


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