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We offer the best and suitable range of Professional Refrigerators from our coolers and Refrigerators section. Get the finest assortment of branded Professional Refrigerators that have large space to keep all your food and drinks. They are available in diverse shapes, sizes, colors and models. Our collection has small, compact, large, regular and other sizes that suits your requirements. With 100% weatherproof protection, these refrigerators protect all types of food items against germs, bacteria and other harmful and toxic microbes and keep the stuff cool and preserved for a longer period. As the name itself suggests these are most commonly used for commercial purposes, though they could also be used indoors.

Professional Refrigerators are designed to work in suitably controlled temperature under any condition. Get two-drawer, three-drawer, glass door style, under-counter, see-through Compact style and standard refrigerators. Professional Refrigerators are a perfect selection if you have a restaurant or catering business. Enjoy food and drinks at the perfect temperature.

Features of Professional Refrigerators

Professional Refrigerators are made of superior grade Stainless steel finish with perfect vinyl covering that gives them a beautiful, shining and attractive look. They feature fully automatic defrosting system, advanced adjustable thermostat, Fan cooled compressor, Magnetic gaskets that are spring assisted and comes with an energy efficient design. The best part about these Professional Refrigerators is that they are legally approved by U.L. And totally assembled in U.S.A.

Utility of Professional Refrigerators

Professional Refrigerators are most commonly used in Confectioneries, Bakeries, Medical stores, Restaurants, small Bars and other General stores to keep the food and beverages cool and preserved for long. You can keep plenty of stuffs, bottles, cans, jars and other things by adjusting the interior shelves and the shelves on the door. Moreover, Drawer-style refrigerators allow you to keep different stuffs in different compartments without much ado and are highly recommended for medical storage purposes. These Compact Professional Refrigerators and Small Professional Refrigerators are portable in use and could be stored under counter or at a free standing space.

Summit Professional Refrigerators

A complete combination of perfect style and function is offered by Summit. Summit Professional Refrigerators are available in various range and models like two-Drawer, Three-Drawer, Glass Door style, All-refrigerator and Compact style design. Summit Professional Refrigerators are made of high quality stainless steel both interiorly and exteriorly. They are, certainly, U.L approved and commercially viable. Below are the standard features of Summit Professional Refrigerators :-

Standard Features
  • Full Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel Drawer Interiors
  • For Built-in or Freestanding Use
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Fan Cooled Compressor
  • Fully Automatic Defrost
  • Commercial Cooling System
  • Internal Forced Air Circulation
  • Rapid Chill Compartment
  • Professional Stainless Steel Handles
  • Heavy Duty Rollers with Spring Assist
  • Magnetic Gaskets
  • Four Level Legs
  • CFC Free
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