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Scotsman C0330 - Prodigy™ Modular Cube Ice Maker - 280 lb / 24 hr

Scotsman C0330 - Prodigy™ Modular Cube Ice Maker - 280 lb / 24 hr
Scotsman C0330 - Prodigy™ Modular Cube Ice Maker - 280 lb / 24 hr
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300 lb
30" x 24" x 23"
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    Scotsman Ice Makers - Prodigy™ Modular Cube Ice Maker - 280 lb / 24 hr - C0330

    As the latest advance in ice making, this self-monitoring cube ice machine with external indicator lights alerts your staff when it's time to perform normal maintenance or call for service before it's an emergency. The result is today's most reliable, foolproof ice system. And because it's the most energy efficient, there's no smarter choice in ice.

    Scotsman Prodigy™ Cuber Ice Maker - C0330 Specifications
    Energy Consumption6.05.2
    Water Usage Gallons/100 lb (liters/45.4 kg)19.0/72.018.5/70.2
    ARI Ice Production Capacity 280 - 350 lbs.
    Weight lbs160
    Dimension (HxDxW)30" H x 24" D x 23" W
    BTU / Hr 5200
    Power Input Rating Options115-120/60/1
    AccessoriesKVS - Vari-Smart™ Ice Level Control
    KSB - Smart-Board™ Advanced Control
    KSB-N - Smart-Board™ Advanced Control with Network

    Scotsman Prodigy™ Cuber Ice Maker - C0330 - Modular Bins
    Model NumberDimensions (W x D x H) InchARI Certified Bin Capacity lb/kgApplication Capacity lb/kgFinishShip Weight lb/kg
    B330P30 x 34 x 30270/123344/156Poly130/59
    B530S or P30 x 34 x 44420/191536/244SS or Poly150/68

    Scotsman Prodigy™ Cuber Ice Maker - C0330 - Operating Requirements
    Air Temperatures50°F (10°C)100°F (38°C)
    Water Temperatures40°F (4.4°C)100°F (38°C)
    Remote Cond. Temps-20°F (-29°C)120°F (49°C)
    Water Pressures20 PSIG (1.4 bar)80 PSIG (5.5 bar)
    Electrical Voltage-10%10%

    Scotsman Prodigy™ Cuber Ice Maker - C0330 Features :

    • Auto-Alert indicator lights - Constantly communicate about operating status and actually signal your staff when it is time to descale, sanitize, and more - making upkeep practically foolproof
    • WaterSense - The patented WaterSense adaptive purge control delivers maximum reliability by reducing scale buildup for a longer time between cleanings
    • Preventative Maintenance - Simpler than ever with easily-removed panels allowing clear access to internal components and a diagnostic code display insuring the right fix the first time. Reusable air filter is easily removable from the outside
    • External Components - All external panel components are crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish
    • SmartBoard - An optional advanced feature SmartBoard provides NAFEM data protocol and additional operational data that can be displayed on-screen or transmitted remotely, resulting in early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues
    • Vari-Smart - An optional Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control sensor allows you flexibility to program ice levels, for up to 7 days, keeping just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin.

    Energy Efficiency Rating

    • Energy Use : 6.0 KWh/100 lb ice