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Aegis Scientific Appliances

Aegis Scientific Medical Appliances - Laboratory & Pharmacy Refrigerators - Blood Refrigerator - Chromatography Refrigerators - Low Temperature Refrigerator

Aegis Scientific's line of products extends into such sciences as laboratory & pharmacy freezers, blood bank, and chromatography refrigerators and are designed to meet the dimensional and temperature requirements of each.

All Aegis cabinets feature a comprehensive one year parts and labor warranty and a five year compressor warranty.

Avanti Appliances

Avanti Appliances - Avanti Refrigerators - Avanti Freezer

We present you a selective range of Avanti Appliances that includes Compact-sized to Full size Refrigerators, Water Dispensers, Wine Coolers, etc. The company manufactures quality products at a great value. All the Avanti Appliances are quality tested and certified with reliable sources. Avanti Refrigerators and Freezers are packed with powerful features to give wonderful performance for years. You can choose any of the Avanti Home Appliances for your home, office, dormitory or for other such places, according to your usability. Browse now!


Caravell Chest Freezers - Caravell Ice Cream Freezers - Caravell Beverage Centres - Beer Super Coolers

Caravell is the most preferred brand of commercial refrigeration and recognized throughout the world for being on the cutting edge of advances in its industry. Caravell is directed towards manufacturing top quality products, highest quality services, developing new products and product lines, monitoring and responding promptly to new industry standards. Caravell's new product line comprising of Chest Freezers, Ice Cream Freezers, Beverage Centers, Beer Super Coolers, etc., are the best quality products available with us at remarkable prices. Browse through our collection, right away!

Caravell has changed it's name to Metalfrio
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Clover Water Cooler Dispensers - Clover Chillers - Clover Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers - Clover Point Of Use Water Cooler

Clover, a Korean brand, designs, manufactures and markets a range of innovative household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness and environmental awareness. Its unique product range includes water coolers, bottled water coolers, point of use water coolers, chillers and many more appliances. Clover appliances are designed keeping the day-to-day customer needs in mind.

Danby Appliances

Danby Appliances - Refrigerators - Freezerless Refrigerator - Compact Refrigerators - Wine Cooler Refrigerator - Ice Makers - Beverage Centers

Danby is one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in North America, with an impressive lineup of compact appliances including refrigerators and wine coolers, specialty and home comfort appliances to suit the lifestyles of today's consumer. Danby's reputation as a leader in the appliance market has been achieved by researching what consumers want and providing quality innovative products at competitive prices to fit their lifestyles. Danby's commitment is to provide exceptional quality and value with a continued dedication for creating innovative, unique products that are designed to fit your lifestyle .

Engel Coolers

Engel Cooler - Engel Coolers - Engel 12 Volt Coolers - 12 V Cooler Accessories

Engel is recognized worldwide as the leading brand in portable refrigeration. Engel coolers are designed with their patented "swing motor" compressor allowing a high power output and motor durability. Because there is only one moving part, no maintenance is needed. In addition, these portable 12 volt coolers have a temperature range of 45-degrees F to zero degrees, for the option to use as a refrigerator or freezer.

EvaKool - EvaKool Fridge / Freezers - EvaKool 12V Freezers - EvaKool Coolers

EvaKool is a premier manufacturer of fiberglass and 12V portable fridge freezers while offering the same high standards and customer service that make it a leading brand in Australia. EvaKool has expanded it's product line to include IceKool and IceMate Polyurethane Coolers in a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes making them unique while remaining competitively priced. Their products are durable and reliable and come complete with a 5 year 'no fuss' warranty allowing you to enjoy your cooler at it's maximum potential.

Frigidaire Commercial

Frigidaire Commercial refrigerators and freezers Performance and Dependability

For decades, the Frigidaire brand has been synonymous with quality and performance. With the introduction of the Frigidaire Commercial line of food service refrigerators and freezers, along with coin-operated laundry products, Frigidaire has delivered to the marketplace a line of products for professionals, designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding commercial applications. Frigidaire backs these products with a one year warranty* that is supported by a coast to coast network of authorized service technicians. All Frigidaire Commercial refrigerators and freezers meet NSF / ANSI 7 standards for food service application. We are happy to answer and questions you may have regarding the purchase of a Frigidaire refrigerator or freezer.

Global Cooling

Global Cooling Freezers - Global Cooling Portable 12V Freezers - Global Cooling Portable Coolers - Table Top Freezer

Established in the Netherlands in 1995, Global Cooling is among the most popular companies providing energy-efficient, high performance cooling products to the scientific, medical and electronics fields. Global Cooling is focused on delivering high-value cooling and freezing products and technology to the users worldwide. Global Cooling offers a range of coolers and freezers utilizing its patent protected Stirling cooling technology around the world. Its high quality products such as freezers, portable freezers and more, reduce energy costs without sacrificing performance, reliability and convenience.

Global Water

Global Water Water Dispensers - Hot and Cold Global Water Water Dispensers - Global Water POU Water Dispensers - Global Water Freestanding Water Dispenser

Global Water manufactures and distributes the finest quality and most technologically advanced water purification equipment available. They promote the Go Green initiative and strictly adheres to ethical business practices. When choosing Global Water, rest assured that you're in good hands.

Greenway Water Coolers

Greenway Water Coolers - Hot & Cold Water Cooler Dispensers - Greenway Water Dispensers

If you want clean & pure water at the touch of a button, the Greenway Water Coolers can be the perfect pick! Get one of the Greenway Water Dispensers for your homes, offices, dorms, or for other such places, to enjoy mineral yet natural water taste. Hot & Cold Water Dispensers by Greenway equips an advanced water filtration technology that makes water free of all impurities through a few purification stages. With quality construction and reliable features, these Water Cooler Dispensers give hot, cold or room temperature water in an instant. Saftey lock for hot water faucet makes it safe for your kids to use. Browse through our collection of Greenway Water Coolers, and buy one NOW!


Ice-O-Matic Cube Ice Machines - Flake Ice Machines - Ice Dispensers

Ice-O-Matic manufactures, distributes and supplies a wide range of ice-related products including cubers, flakers, storage bins, dispensers and water filters. Ice-O-Matic products are available globally and they ensure the availability of certified service parts and expert installation wherever you are located. Call us today to help set up and meet your ice making needs.

Koolatron Coolers

Koolatron Cooler - Koolatron Coolers - Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers - Koolatron Designer Fridge - Koolatron Soft Sided Coolers - Koolatron Party Coolers - Koolatron Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Koolatron is a well-known manufacturer for 12V portable coolers and warmers. We invite you to check out our full Koolatron portable cooler line that's perfect for the car, home, or office. Koolatron continues its dedication to providing quality products that you can trust.


Labcon North America Medical Refrigeration and Freezer Storage Systems

From freezer boxes to cryoboxes we have unique storage solutions for your lab. Labcon offers a variety of tools for storing samples.


Labnet International Microtube Boxes for Medical Freezers or Bench

Microtube Boxes for Freezer or Bench
Superior replacement for cardboard boxes - will not degrade or absorb moisture, durable polyproylene construction withstands freezing (to -80°) and autoclaving Improved 3 point hinge maintains its integrity during repeated use Alphanumerically labeled translucent lid provides easy sample identification.

Marvel Appliances

Marvel Refrigerators - Wine Coolers - Freezerless Refrigerators - Marvel Products - Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Marvel proudly offers industry's finest line of Refrigerators and Wine Coolers that are stylish enough to be an owner's delight. It has offered a new range of Wine Cellars and Beverage Refrigerators that features state-of-the-art technologies like sentry system refrigeration monitor, micro sentry refrigeration monitor, user friendly controls and audio visual alarms.

With Marvel, you can be rest assured of getting high class products that would suit a contemporary lifestyle. Leveraging 70 years of experience, Marvel has created a quality range of high-end Refrigerators and Water Coolers, which defines luxury, comfort and delight in their true sense. With stunning design and a great range of color choice, Marvel products complements all décors.


Metalfrio Refrigerators - Metalfrio Commercial Refrigerators - Metalfrio Commercial Freezers

For nearly fifty years, Metalfrio Solutions' leadership, production capacity, innovation, commitment and dependability have been the foundation of its strong customer relationship. Manufacturing commercial refrigerators, Meltafrio is a leading international brand operating in more than 80 countries.

MTN Water Coolers

MTN Water Cooler Dispensers - Hot / Cold Water Cooler Dispenser - POU Water Coolers Dispensers - Water Cooler Dispenser Accessories - Water Cooler Dispenser Parts - Water Cooler Dispensers

Browse through MTN Water Coolers' wide selection here at the Cooler-Store! Explore MTN Water Coolers' exciting and innovative products- water coolers, water dispensers and water dispenser accessories, and discover the secret of our success- Highest quality, attractive designs and great values.

Northland Appliances

Northland Marvel Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers

Northland’s patented cooling system is located in a separate module that sits atop the refrigerator cabinet. This unique design offers increased capacity in the same amount of exterior cabinet dimensions as other brands. This means you have more usable storage space than with a similar size refrigerator.

Oasis Coolers

Oasis Water Cooler - Oasis Water Coolers - Hot & Cold Oasis Water Coolers - Oasis Cold Water Coolers - OASIS POU Water Coolers - Oasis Counter Top Water Coolers

This is not a mirage. These are in fact the best water coolers you can find. Oasis Coolers are a worldwide industry leader. We offer Oasis bottle and point-of-use water coolers to fit your home and office needs. Experience the Oasis advantage in water coolers that offer superior durability, are easier to service, and manufactured to the highest quality. Order your Oasis cooler today.

Panasonic - Panasonic Medical Refrigerators - Panasonic Commercial Refrigerators - Panasonic Medical Appliances

Panasonic is a top manufacturer of eco-friendly commercial and medical appliances. These units maximize much needed space without sacrificing storage space and efficiency while providing versatility and dependability. Shop our large selection of Panasonic appliances available in a variety of sizes, colors and temperatures. Panasonic generates ideas for and tomorrow.

Sanyo Refrigerators

Sanyo Commercial Solutions Medical Refrigeration

SANYO GREEN ultralow freezers:
Maximize lab space with smaller footprints for ultra high density storage.
Reduce operational costs through high storage volume efficiency.
Allow for minimized HVAC loads and air handling requirements in facilities.
Emit less heat into the laboratory environment, minimizing air conditioning costs.
Our goal is to develop strong customer and supplier partnerships that support and integrate with their sustainability initiatives. Contact us today and one of our knowledgeable sales team will assist you.

As of April 1, 2012, Sanyo has been acquired by Panasonic.

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Scotsman Ice Makers

Scotsman Ice Makers - Commercial Ice Maker - Home Ice Makers - Cubed Ice Maker - Flaked Ice Maker - Nugget Ice Machines

Scotsman is the smart choice in Ice Machines. As the world's largest manufacturer of ice systems, Scotsman is dedicated to developing today's most promising smart technologies. Scotsman Ice Makers leads the industry in efficiency, quality, food safety and performance. So whether you are looking for Commercial Ice Makers, Home Ice Makers, Cubed Ice Makers, or Flaked Ice Makers, Scotsman has everything for every need. Scotsman has also come up with Nugget Ice Machines that have become a huge hit. These Ice Makers have made a place in almost all households and commercial entities because of its large output capacity, and exclusivity. Browse our range of Scotsman Ice Makers including variety of ice maker dispensers, ice-only dispensers and storage bin sizes, and have a look at the various models available.

SG Beverage

SG Beverage Commercial Beverage Centers

SG Beverage leads the industry in product development, custom graphic design, manufacturing and distribution of specialty coolers, beverage centers and displays.

So-Low - So-Low Medical Refrigeration - So-Low Incubators - So-Low Medical Appliances

So-Low is one of the top manufacturers of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers for both the Medical and Industrial markets. Professionals all over the world have recognized the dependability and efficiency of So-Low Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers and Refrigerators. Not only does So-Low supply Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, Laboratory Freezers / Refrigerators, Undercounter Freezers / Refrigerators and Incubators, to name a few, for many different Medical / Scientific applications. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service staff can assist in answering any questions you may have in selecting the appliance that will best suit your needs.


Summit Appliance - Summit Appliances - Summit Refrigerator - Summit Beer Dispenser - Summit Chest Freezer - Summit Freezers - Summit Low Temperature Freezer - Summit Medical Freezers - Summit professional Freezer

Summit Appliances is a leading manufacturer in refrigeration appliances. Their products include a wide variety of refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and beer dispensers for use in the household, business, laboratory, or office. All Summit products and appliances are of the highest quality, and are backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Summit AccuCold

AccuCold Medical & Scientific Refrigeration - AccuCold Medical Refrigerators - AccuCold Medical Freezers - AccuCold Refrigerators and Freezers - AccuCold Refrigeration by Summit

SUMMIT AccuCold refrigerators and freezers offer the ideal storage solution for laboratories, hospitals, and other facilities with serious storage needs. Our compact and undercounter refrigeration is approved for commercial use and equipped with the features most requested by the scientific and medical community, including locks, temperature alarms and displays, digital thermostats, self-closing doors, hospital grade plugs, internal air circulation fans (refrigerators only), and heat sinks.

Sunpentown Appliances

Sunpentown Appliances - Sunpentown Wine Coolers - Sunpentown Ice Makers - Sunpentown Freezers - Sunpentown Refrigerator - Sunpentown Compact Freezers

Get the long-lasting and durable appliance you need from Sunpentown Appliances today. Gone are the days of clunky machinery in your home. Enjoy the sleek design and look that Sunpentown Appliances offer. From compact refrigerators to wine coolers, Sunpentown Appliances have it all. Order yours today.

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Medical Refrigeration

Whether it’s fine chemicals, consumables, refrigeration or equipment, Fisher Scientific has over 170,000 product lines to provide you with consistent and reproducible results. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the undisputed leader providing scientific, environmental and health care products. Its comprehensive product line includes freezers, refrigerators, chromatography refrigerators and other high-end analytical appliances to enable integrated laboratory work flow solutions. It enables the users to make their life healthier, cleaner and safer.

Thermo Scientific Revco

Revco Thermo Medical Refrigeration - Revco Freezers

Thermo Scientific is Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

The new Revco PLUS HD freezers feature a highly-efficient, innovative thin-wall insulation technology. This allows for expanded interior storage capacity without increasing the exterior cabinet footprint. Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS ultra-low temperature upright freezers safeguard your valuable research by combining the highest reliability and superior performance. The Revco PLUS family delivers cost-effective operation and technology innovations including maximum temperature recovery, advanced refrigeration, microprocessor controls, and operational efficiency.


Tresanti Wine Coolers - Tresanti Thermoelectric Wine Coolers - Tresanti Refrigerated Wine Cabinets - Tresanti Wine Cabinets

Tresanti is one of the most sought after manufacturers of wine cabinets and media consoles. Founded in 1996, its wine coolers are meticulously designed in-house and crafted using selected veneers and wood solids with multi-step finishes for years of enduring quality. Tresanti manufactures wine coolers that help turn your home into a wine lover's haven.

US Refrigeration

US Refrigeration Commercial Refrigeration - US Refrigeration Reach-In Refrigerators - US Refrigeration Reach-In Freezers

US Refrigeration is amongst the most popular brands across the globe. For many years, it has been designing and manufacturing superior quality refrigeration appliances. Owing to their unique features such as defrost timer, controller, stainless steel exterior and interior, etc., US Refrigeration products provide best preservation of all kinds of food stuffs. All of its refrigerators and freezers are durable, extremely reliable, last longer and easier to clean.

Vertex Water coolers

Vertex Water Cooler Dispensers - POU Water Cooler Dispensers - Bottleless Water Cooler Dispensers - Water Cooler Dispenser Filtration System - Hot & Cold Water Cooler Dispensers - Water Cooler Accessories

The people at Vertex are Chemical and Mechanical engineers with a knowledge of water cooler dispenser technology that they apply to the design and selection of water cooler dispensers to provide safe, clean water for your home. Vertex uses proven technology and the highest quality materials available in the construction and design of their water dispensers to remove the unwanted contaminants and additives that can be found in today's municipal or well water supply.

Vinotemp Appliances

Vinotemp Appliances - Vinotemp Wine Coolers - Vinotemp Compact Wine Coolers - Vinotemp Thermoeclectric Wine Coolers - Vinotemp Build in Winecoolers

Vinotemp appliances offer so much more than a cooling system for your wine. The selection we carry provides your home or wine cellar with the sleek look that your precious wine deserves. Get the latest in style and design when you purchase anything from the Vinotemp family.