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So-Low CO2 Incubator 2440

So-Low CO2 Incubator 2440
So-Low CO2 Incubator 2440
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    So-Low 2440 CO2 Incubator is well-suited for roller bottle apparatus and high-volume tissue culture applications and is ideal for cell harvesting. This large capacity incubator maximizes laboratory space in a convenient floor model design. Its chamber floor is specifically designed for easy movement of roller bottle apparatus by use of a flip-out ramp. Supplied with four one amp interior electrical outlets and gentle mechanical air convection that ensures excellent temperature uniformity, and eliminates cold spots. An infrared system accurately controls CO2 levels, provides fast CO2 recovery after door openings, and is not affected by temperature or humidity. This unit is supplied with six stainless steel shelves, which are adjustable on 1/2 inch increments.

    So-Low 2440 CO2 Incubator Features:

    • 120V / 50-60 Hz / 1800W
    • Running Amps: 15
    • Capacity: 40 Cu. Ft.
    • Temperature Range: 8C Above Ambient to 60C
    • Temperature Uniformity: +/- 0.35C at 37C
    • Temperature Sensitivity: +/- 0.1C
    • CO2 Range: 0 - 20%
    • CO2 Sensor: Infrared
    • CO2 Rate: < 5 Minutes
    • Relative Humidity Range: 80%
    • Accommodates Roller Bottle Apparatus
    • Infrared CO2 Sensing Technology
    • Four 1 Amp Interior Outlets
    • Jacket Type: Air
    • Shelving: 3 Supplied / 30 Maximum