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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Refrigerators - Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators - Summit Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom-freezer refrigerators are the most energy-efficient of all refrigerator configurations and need to look no further, we have them here at CoolerDirect for you!

Compact Refrigerator Freezer

Compact Refrigerator - Countertop Refrigerator - Built-in Counter Top Refrigerators - Compact Refrigerators

Compact refrigerators are a perfect solution to save space or when limited in space. They will make a great addition to any dorm, office, garage, bar area and a variety of other locations. We have a wide variety of compact regrigerators for you. Stainless steal, white, black from 1.7 cubic feet to 6.0, we have it all!

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Drawer Refrigerators

Drawer Refrigerators - Built-In Drawer Refrigerators - Drawer Refrigerator

Drawer refrigerators are convenient-to-use, durable, extremely stylish and flexible. Each drawer of these refrigerators has an easy glide feature for smooth movement and provides wide access to the drawer's interior. These commercially approved units guarantee complete value for your money.

Freezerless Refrigerators

Freezerless Refrigerators - Compact Freezerless Refrigerators - Full Size Freezerless Refrigerators - Under Counter Freezerless Refrigerators - Counter-Depth Freezerless Refrigerators

Cooler Store's selection of freezerless refrigerators come in compact, full-size, and under counter designs for use in the home, office, business, laboratory, or hotel. With models in ranging temperatures, sizes, and designs, you will surely find one to suit your particular needs.

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We carry 4 types of Freezerless Refrigerators:

Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor Refrigerators - Outdoor Refrigerator - U.L approved Outdoor Refrigerators

With U.L and commercial approval, as well as 100% weatherproofing for protection against the elements, outdoor refrigerators from Cooler Store are your answer to convenient outdoor cooling of food and beverages. Choose from all-refrigerator and drawer models.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by Side Refrigerators - French Door Refrigerator - Side by Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser - French Door Refrigerators with out Water Dispenser

Side by Side refrigerators have twin refrigerator doors do not need a lot of floor space to swing open making this design the perfect choice for virtually any-size kitchen. These refrigerators have dual refrigerator doors and a pullout freezer drawer for convenient fresh and frozen food storage.

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Refrigerators - Top-Freezer Refrigerator - Summit Top Freezer Refrigerators - Haier Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Top-mount refrigerators, with the freezer on the top part of the appliance and the refrigerator compartment underneath, are among the most popular refrigerator styles. Here at Coolerdirect we have a wide selection of top-freezer refrigerators for you!.