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Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer ULT1786-10-A, (-86 to -50 C) - 17.2 Cu. Ft.

Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer ULT1786-10-A, (-86 to -50 C) - 17.2 Cu. Ft.
Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer ULT1786-10-A, (-86 to -50 C) - 17.2 Cu. Ft.
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17.2 Cu. Ft.
-86 to -50 C
77-3/4"H x 36-5/8"W x 35-7/16"D
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    Ultra Low Temp Freezers (-85) - 17.2 Cu. Ft. Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer - Thermo Scientific ULT1786-10-A

    Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer ULT1786-10-A, (-86 to -50 C) - 17.2 Cu. Ft. is designed with sample protection in mind. This Freezer incorporate all the features required by customers storing priceless samples. This ULT series includes a sophisticated microprocessor system with built-in alarms, outputs, diagnostics, on-board protection systems, buck/boost, and surge suppression functions.

    This upright unit feature an upgraded refrigeration system that provides greater BTU (heat) removal, which allows for faster recovery after door openings. Combined with excellent insulation and door seals, the end result is superior protection of critical samples. Despite the additional power,This Ultima Plus unit consume 15% less energy than the next competitor. Additionally, This Thermo Scientific Revco ULTs utilize HFC refrigerants, making these units environmentally friendly. This model is designed with sound reduction, ensuring a more comfortable and quiet lab environment.

    This unit include PLUS time delay, which protects the compressors after a power outage. Battery readout (actual battery voltage) and a voltage indicator assist in quickly diagnosing incoming power issues. Units include an RS-232 data port and the Automatic Incident Monitor (A.I.M.) to provide additional data for closer monitoring of temperature history. This upright unit feature a door-mounted Pressure Equalization Port (PEP) that allows for easy re-entry in a maintenance-free system. This include a one-handed door latch with built-in key lock.

    UL and C-UL listed. CE marked.

    Ordering Information: Supplied with a manufacturer's two-year parts and labor warranty, plus an additional three-year warranty on compressor parts. This Upright freezer have five inner doors, a fixed stainless steel shelf, and three adjustable stainless steel shelves. This units include a 2.5cm (1") diameter access port with cap.

    Volume487 L (17.2 Cu. Ft.)
    Temperature Range-86 to -50 C (-123 to -58 F)
    Interior Dimensions128H x 59W x 63D cm. (50-13/32"H x 23-1/4"W x 24-13/32"D)
    Exterior Dimensions197.5H x 93W x 90D cm. (77-3/4"H x 36-5/8"W x 35-7/16"D)
    Electrical115V, 60Hz
    Shipping Weight326.5 kg. (720 lbs.)

    Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima Plus Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer ULT1786-10-A Features:

    • Maximum Temperature Recovery: Patented Revco PLUS refrigeration system provides 20% more reserve heat removal capacity for quick temperature recovery after door openings
    • Energy Efficiency: Greater than 15% energy savings and 15% less heat rejection over other leading freezers, Revco PLUS freezer conserves valuable energy resources to keep your lab comfortable and samples protected.
    • Enhanced Acoustic Insulation: With advanced noise abatement technology and insulation, freezer is quieter so it can reside right in your lab. This speeds sample preparation and minimizes sample exposure to ambient air.
    • Automatic voltage buck/boost system adds longevity to compressors and electronics with voltage stabilization. Buck reduces incoming line voltage if too high. Boost provides additional incoming line voltage if too low.
    • Alarms, Monitoring and Control Systems
      Life-Guard Alert monitors the compressor and overall freezer performance to keep things running efficiently, extending the life of the compressor and components.
      Life-Guard alerts the user to changes in external and internal conditions that might adversely affect freezer function
      Extreme Ambient Alert indicator lights up if room temperature may affect performance
      Temperature and Power Alarms: Audible and Visual Warning System is activated automatically in the event of power failure or temperature deviation
      Setpoint security system with key-operated switch for main power and alarm locks in temperature and alarm setpoints
      A.I.M. (Automatic Incident Monitor) identifies any temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints, with rapid flash for current event, slow flash if event was self-corrected
      LED Digital Display is clear, easy-to-read and includes touchpad data entry
      An alarm test feature allows you to simulate a temperature alarm condition to make certain everything is working properly
      A voltage indicator provides the incoming line voltage at the touch of a button
      Battery Readout (in actual voltage and not percentage of voltage) provides user with assurance that alarms and displays will function in the event of a power outage
      Visual Warning System for "Clean Filter" and "Alarm Battery Low"
    • Additional Features
      Environmentally friendly DuPont Suva low-stage refrigerants are CFC-Free and specially formulated for ultra low applications
      Specifically designed and tested to operate in a rugged laboratory environment without exceeding parameters of any sub-component within the system.
      Stainless Steel Shelves are reinforced with stiffeners for excessive loads and impacts, the storage of high-load and non-standard samples, such as microplate hotels.
      Door Mounted Pressure Equalization Port (PEP) does not take up valuable storage space and does not require maintenance (ice removal)
      Five inner doors create five interior compartments for convenient and organized storage, keeping ambient thermal exposure to a minimum by allowing access to one compartment at a time
      Outer Door Gasket secures door seal with five points of sealing contact for ultimate closure efficiency
      Cryolatch: Integrated door handle and latch for one-hand operation includes a built-in key lock and is padlock compatible
      The robust cabinet is constructed of high-strength steel with a corrosion resistant coating
      Rounded interior corners make the freezer easy to clean
      1 HP Industrial-grade compressor provides outstanding refrigeration power
      A downfeed evaporator provides smoother refrigerant flow
      Washable condenser filter maintains peak condenser efficiency by limiting dust build-up
      Programmable microprocessor control enables precise temperature settings and flexibility for alarm set points
      On-board diagnostics continuously monitors system sensors to ensure proper performance and reports error codes to identify probable cause
      Minimum 5" CFC-Free, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation provider the highest "R" value available for outstanding efficiency
      1" diameter access port included for easy access through the wall
      Remote Alarm Contacts are included to provide physical connection to an optional external alarm/monitoring system

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