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Cooler Direct presents to you a new sensation in the world of electronics - Thermoelectric Refrigerators! These Refrigerators have become a worldwide rage with their latest technology and affordable prices! Those in search of new cooling appliance for a Fridge, your search ends with Thermoelectric Refrigerator!

These Fridge are more durable and lighter than the traditional ones. Obtainable in colors like white, black, silver, brown, etc., you can choose your pick! Available in all volumes, you can get one of these Thermoelectric Refrigerators according to your usability. These appliances work without compressor hence it produces no noise! With multi functionality system, Summit's Thermoelectric Refrigerator is designed to chill your beverages fast!

Environment friendly, this Thermoelectric Fridge doesn't emit the harmful CFCs. You can use it where ever you want to – home, hotels, bar or even in your car! Summit's custom made Thermoelectric Refrigerator with intellectualized power design saves your electricity consumption. Summit's Thermoelectric Cooler saves your hard earned money while being equally helpful. So what are you waiting for? Place your order to experience this wonderful Fridge!

General temperature of the Thermoelectric Fridge is 9 degree to 12 degree. With an electrical temperature control in it, you can even adjust the temperature manually according to your needs. Summit's elegant and beautiful Thermoelectric Fridge with a novel appearance and sophisticated design is economic for any household. Equipped with an adjustable shelf for cold storage of varied foodstuff, Summit's Fridge is very spacious. Our Thermoelectric Fridge comes in all product sizes. And for not allowing your naughty kids to eat your share of Apple Pie, this Fridge has a door locking system as well!

Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric Coolers with new motor design provide quite, long lasting performance. Our Coolers' molded handles makes it easy for you to open the door innumerable times. Thermoelectric Cooler is perfect for your office, dorm rooms, campers, truck cabs. Thermoelectric Cooler is designed to chill your beverages upto 40°F below room temperature. This Thermoelectric Cooler is designed to be Portable!

Car Refrigerators

Make your Road Trip in Style! Fill your Car or truck with all of your favorite food and beverages in this Car Refrigerator and enjoy! It is a perfect accessory for long road trips for you. Available in colors like gray, black, etc., this Fridge has a good capacity to store your food. Our Car Refrigerator is custom made to save energy!

Since these Refrigerators and Coolers are an essential for everyday needs, you must buy one now by contacting us! What's more, you can even buy it online! So why not buy these modern technology instilled, multi-speaciality, power and bill saving Fridge?

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