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Ultra Low Temp Freezers -85 C are designed to provide superior sample protection while maintaining the highest standards in performance and energy efficiency. Primarily for use within research or hospital laboratories and production facilities, our selection of high-performance, heavy duty medical freezers are ideal for the long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens or supplies and may also be used for material testing and diagnosis. Constructed of durable materials and high quality craftsmanship, these medical freezers are long-lasting and dependable providing hassle free performance at a lower operating cost. Usually built of a high strength, non-corrosive steel and protected with a powder coated or painted exterior, these freezers offer outstanding reliability as well as reduced energy costs within a wide variety of storage or research applications. Ultra Low Temp Freezers -85 C feature all the necessary safety measures keeping samples secure and are available with a variety of different options providing the ability to maximize use of your equipment. Many of these freezers include alarm systems, both audible and visual, that alert when the temperature becomes instable, battery backups if for any reason the power is interrupted or remote monitoring contacts for extra security, alerting when the unit temperature is incorrect or if there is a loss / increase in power. These units may also be subdivided with inventory racks and corresponding boxes for easy storage, organization and safety of its interior contents as well as maximizing the freezer’s interior space. Some are environmentally friendly meaning they have a reduced carbon footprint or may feature refrigerants that are non destructive to the ozone layer. We offer a wide range of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs from the leading names in medical refrigeration. Choose from a Chest Style Freezer which are usually horizontal, meaning that they are shorter and wider, with the door opening and closing up and down or Upright meaning they are thinner and taller with the door opening from the left or right. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect Ultra Low Temp Freezer to meet all of your specific needs.

Ultra Low Temp Freezers -85 C