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Bottled Water Dispensers

Water Cooler Dispenser - Bottled Water Dispenser

Water cooler dispensers may be used at home or in the office, floor standing water dispensers are the most popular water dispensers. We also offer Countertop Water Dispensers which are convenient space-saving unit, our different models offer, cold water, hot water and room temperature water from the best brands available in the market, including Oasis Water Coolers, Greenway Water Cooler Dispensers and more.

If you interested in POU (Point-of-Use) Water Cooler Dispensers, which connects directly to your water line and don't require bottled water, please visit POU Water Cooler Dispensers.

POU Water Cooler Dispensers

POU Water Dispensers

Point-of-Use Water Cooler Dispensers offer contemporary styling with proven cooling technology. Providing a continuous water supply, there's no need to worry about spills or changing bulky water bottles. Available with or without a water treatment system, POU water dispensers are always manufactured to the best standards for quality and dependability.

Cooler Direct also offers Bottled Water Dispensers.

POU Water Dispensers are divided in:

Water Dispenser Accessories

Water Dispenser Accessories and Point Of use Conversion Kit

Water Dispensers Replacement parts and additional accessories. Cooler Direct also offers Water Dispenser POU Conversion Kit and Oasis Water Dispenser WaterGuard Kit.

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Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers - Water Filters

Get unlimited fresh and delicious drinking water. Water Purifiers are affordable, and easy to maintain and install. Cooler Direct offers you the best selection, with popular brands like Oasis 3 Stage Water Filter and Greenway Water Filtration System.

You may also be interested in these categories: Bottled Water Dispensers, POU Water Dispensers, Water Dispenser Accessories .

Wholesale Water Dispensers

Wholesale Water Dispensers

We offer bulk and wholesale water dispenser purchases to customers who need large quantities of water dispensers. Catering to governments, school, and business, we can deliver pallets anywhere in the US.