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Built-In Wine Coolers

Build In Wine Coolers

Like our built-in refrigerators and freezers, these built-in wine coolers are perfect for any counter or bar they save space and come with racks for storing and displaying all of your favorite wines. Check individual product listings for details on capacity, dimensions and defrost.

Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers are an important piece of equipment for your restaurant or storage facility. Commercial Wine Coolers are generally large enough to hold bigger quantities of wine. Commercial Wine Coolers can be found in a variety of sizes and styles for your convenience and needs. Please feel free to order your Commercial Wine Coolers today!

Compact Wine Coolers

Compact Wine Cooler

Our compact wine coolers are great space savers, fitting in almost any space you have. With reversible door swing, automatic defrost, and adjustable shelving to make space for twenty-four bottles, they make the perfect companion for the home, office, or business.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Dual Zone Wine Cellars - Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Dual Zone Wine Coolers are the most efficient and durable units that preserve your wine collection for long. With dual temperature zones, these units offer required degrees to store all kinds of wines, maintaining their natural essence and flavor. Especially, the red and the white wines can easily be stored at their respective temperatures to be served in their real taste. Marvels' Dual Zone Wine Coolers / Refrigerators come with special Santry System to monitor the temperature zones. A variety of stylish and elegant models of Wine Coolers are available in this store. You can choose one most suitable to flaunt your collection with panache. Buy now!

Full Size Wine Coolers

Full Size Wine Cooler

Wine store owners and hard core connoisseurs alike will enjoy and appreciate the convenience of our full-size wine coolers ready to hold up to 120 bottles! Check out our single and double doors models, with humidity control, activated carbon filters, and vibration dampening systems. All models are approved for home and commercial use.

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers are an excellent alternative for wine aficionados with limited counter space. With thermoelectric technology, these wine coolers offer quieter operation versus compressor and absorption technology. Its also an added benefit that power consumption averages approximately 4.5 amps, saving money on energy costs. Check out these top notch wine coolers today!

Under Counter Wine Coolers

Under Counter Wine Cooler

With varying capacities, dimensions, and designs, our selection of undercounter designs allow the customer to find the perfect setup and configuration for any room or space. These models meet the same standards and come with the same options as our other wine coolers namely adjustable shelving and reversible swing double-pane glass doors. Check individual product listings for details on each specific models features.

Wine Cabinets

Wine Cellar Wood Wine Cabinets

Coolerdirect.com offers you an exquisite collection of wine cabinets to meet all your wine storage needs. We have wine cabinets of different styles and sizes to complement any decor, making your room look more beautiful like never before. Our wine cellar cabinets provide the ideal environment for long-term storage and aging of wines. These units are impeccably crafted to last for generations. Our wine cabinets are the perfect products for preserving your wine beautifully and at the right temperature.

Wine Cooling Systems

Wine Cooling Systems Units

Presenting an exclusive range of easy to install wine cooling systems for your wine cellar. Manufactured by top brands, our wine cellar cooling units allow you to age quality wines to perfection for years on end. Made of highest quality materials and components, these cooling systems are best suited for your wine cooling needs. Wine cooling systems for every wine cellar design are available with us.

Wine Refrigerators

Wine Refrigerators

Preserve your wine in the best possible way with proper Wine Refrigerators. Made in a variety of materials, looks, and designs, you can impress the most distinguished of vintners and wine enthusiasts. Order your Wine Refrigerator today.

Wood Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks

We have with us premium quality wood wine racks manufactured by popular brands such as Vinotemp and more. These wine racks fit most wine bottle sizes and allows different sized bottles to be stored right next to each other, saving space and increasing overall bottle capacity. A wood wine rack is an essential and useful accessory for your wine cabinet.