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These Wine Refrigerators, also known as Wine Coolers, is made specially to chill your wine to the perfect serving temperature for a great taste every time. Our Wine Refrigerators use Thermoelectric technology instead of a compressor to give a vibration free cooling to your wines. An adjustable thermostat helps preventing premature spoilage of your dear wines! Behind the glass door, there's a soft interior light illuminating the shelves. The glass door also includes a security lock to prevent unwanted access to your wine collection. Also, there's a stylish towel bar handle to ensure easy opening of the door


Available in Metallic Black, it will increase the look of your wines and your way of looking at wines! Our Wine Refrigerators have various capacities. These elegant, good looking Wine Coolers come in alternative sizes and don't require much of space. Our Wine Refrigerators protect your bottles against odors of other food items and vibrations which can spoil your wine. When properly stored, wine doesn't only maintain its quality but also improves in flavor with age. A Wine Refrigerator is an investment for those who appreciate the fine taste of wines that will pay off every time you open a bottle. Our Wine Refrigerators are very stylish and easy to use.

Ideally wine is stored in a Wine Cellar - a very similar appliance but controls humidity as well. A Wine Refrigerator is intended to chill your wine to the correct temperature for serving. Durable, these Wine Refrigerators take up little room and are very much affordable. Some Wine Coolers' models even contain control buttons to set a proper temperature for different kinds of wine. Our range of Wine and Beer Refrigerators cools with Thermoelectric module and are easy to operate.

With no use of compressor, these Fridge make no vibration and zero or very less noise. Our entire range of Wine Refrigerators are eco- friendly as they don't emit the harmful CFCs. These Wine Cellars would make your bottle of wines even more taste rich with their appropriate temperatures! Wine freaks who want to preserve their wines even at their workplace, can use Wine Refrigerators! Cooler Direct brings a Wine Cooler suiting your needs. Our Professional Wine Cellars can store number of wine bottles. These elegant Wine Coolers consume 115 V of power supply.

Our modern technology made Wine Refrigerators are a gift for wine enthusiasts. The Wine Cellars have the capacity to store minimum 6 bottles at a time. Each shelf has flat and curved racks which. Our Wine Coolers cool your wine at the temperature set by you. Mostly temperature between 44F and 64F is perfect, depending on the wine


This Wine Cooler is undoubtedly a great choice to preserve your best wine! Cooler Direct offers you this great invention at unbeatable prices! Grab one quickly!

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